This is the story of one year of my life


2. May 9th, 2015 - Pear Day

    It is 11:20 p.m., which means I have lived as much of today as I possibly could. So, let me tell you how today went.
    First, my mom woke me up because my alarm didn't. I ate KFC for breakfast, which is not something I do regularly. The fries where dry and the chicken was greasy, not my favorite food. After eating, since I had woken up 14 minutes after the usual time I wake up, the bus came and in 30 minutes, I was at school.
    By now, things got interesting. Something I love about my school, or perhaps all Ecuadorian culture is the El Día De La Pera, "Pear Day". Allow me to explain. On this wonderful day, seniors are allowed to be absent, but not just that. They are allowed to stay overnight at school and mess it up. This happens on a random day of the school year and no one ever sees it coming. One day all seniors are gone and we loose classes as the school is returned to it's daily glory by us, the students left behind.  
    When I got to school, there were shirts from the lost and found hanging from tree branches, there was a lock on the main entrance and chairs all over our playground tower. Once the teachers were able to enter the main building, the alarm went off, and then we were let in. To say we were excited is a understatement. As soon as the doors were opened, all of us ran inside to see the rest of the mess. 
    The soccer goals sat at both sides of the main hall. The skeleton from science class sat behind a desktop wearing a funky wig. On the second floor, there was tape everywhere blocking our way of passage like a giant spiderweb would do.  There were towers of cups filled with water, which someone then spilled later on the floor. There were lama pictures outside the doors of each stall in the girl's bathroom and the tables had been removed from each class and placed on the playground. What a fun sight that was. 
    There is something about Pear Day that I enjoy a lot, even if they had us moving tables and chairs back to their original location, it's this type of thing that makes my day better. I keep thinking about what my class would do for Pear Day when we become seniors, and then I think about being a senior. I can't imagine myself being one of the oldest students there. Actually, I can imagine, and I imagine a lot. 
    When I am a senior, I will have to start to plan the rest of my life. I will have to apply to some college, and I will have to plan where I will go once I start living life on my own. It's pretty exciting.
    Alex always says that she doesn't want to grow up, that she doesn't want to go to college and leave school along our friends behind. She says she want to be young forever and to not let go. This is just another difference we have. For months now I've started working towards that future. I know exactly what college I'll be applying to, and I know where I want to live for the rest of my life. I can't wait. 
    You know, I had a plan. Once school started, I would be the best student ever. I would raise my hand. I would join clubs. I would study hard and get great grades. I would even write a book. Lets just say it's been about eight months of school and I never joined a club, I have not studied and I have not written a book.
    Just now that time is about to run out have I started taking action. Today I joined a math competition that could give me the chance to win an A. I have also been working on posters for Food Day next week. But I must do more, it's necessary. 
    There is something I learn form Connor Franta's book, A Work In Progress, which I read last week. What I learned is that life really doesn't wait for anyone. The school year didn't wait for me to follow my plan. It will be over in two months and then the next school year will begin. Now is the time to take action, and I will. Just sit tight at see how I accomplish everything I've been dreaming of.   

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