This is the story of one year of my life


4. May 25th, 2015 - Bonjour

    Guess what, dear diary? I'm learning french! Bonjour! Quatre bols sont bleu! L'homme nage! It's going great! The greatest part of learning french the way I am is the that I don't have to interact with anyone or have my mom drive me somewhere very week, Rosetta Stone does that for you. My sister is learning Japanese because she got really into anime recently, but I decided to learn french because Alex knows french as well. If we're able to practice by talking to each other in french, the language wont die with my lessons and we will be able to talk bad about people with them standing in front of us. Because what else are you gonna do with a language no one else in your classroom speaks?
    This lessons started two years ago, but stopped suddenly because my parents had to have the new mac and had to sell the old one. Rosetta Stone was gone and we struggled to install it again. This year, since I created my "To Harvard" guide, I decided to take french up again. Just now my mom installed Rosetta Stone again and I've been learning french for three days. Yey! 
    Did you know lit means reading and as well as bed? Ironic, isn't it?
    Well, I got caught drawing something again, it went terrible. It all started two weeks ago. Our english teacher decided to give us a group assignment to do with our table members. There were three tasks, write a paper, make a drawing and make a video that "explain the theme you chose". This themes we chose were based on dystopia that was based on the whole Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins and The Lottery by a guy I keep forgetting the name of, which we read after the whole Hunger Games series to keep us in the mood. When the assignment was given to us, I sat with Alex and my friend/her annoying friend, Valerie. Valerie was not actually sitting at out table, but she would've if she hadn't been at home suffering from post-asthmatic sickness. 
      Alex and I started without Valerie. We chose "The Illusion of Utopia" as our dystopian theme and we decided who would do what. I wanted to do everything, but apparently there is no i in team. Ale would do the paper and I would do the drawing. Valerie, if she was back in time, would do the video. 
    A thing about my class is that when we are assigned to make videos, they always suck. I'm talking about big time sucking. I fear for eyes and ears everywhere sucking. Yeah, we have no talent in that area of our lives and we never will. 
    The reason why I wanted to do everything is that I love to write, I like to draw and I own a mac with iMovie installed in it. No offense to Valerie, but she is not good at writing. No offense to Alex and Valerie, but they are not good at drawing and they wouldn't be able to make a video even if they wanted to. Perhaps I'm taking it too far by saying  that they wouldn't even be able to make a video, but when I think about it, they have never done a video before. Don't hate me for this paragraph because I'm not as great either. 
    The drawing I made sucks. It's a big mess with black and white and plain white background, and dirty colors with messy black background covered in hairspray. Capitol people are never pretty, but at least they're neat. I made them sloppy and uglier, why? And for the video, it's obviously not Jacksgap material, but you really can't go wrong with iMovie.
    I've recently been watching a lot of The Big Bang Theory and I did this while drawing. I also started Grace's Guide to Pretending to Be An Adult audiobook. I like drawing, but when my artistic vision has turned for the worst and I have to finish it anyway, I need something else to think about. 
    It's 11:48 and I just realized I wrote "The Ilusion of Utopia" in the video. I had to stand up and change it. #TheStruggle      

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