The change of my life

A 16 year old girl having family trouble and abused and somewhat sexually abused by her father and is beaten at school just because no one likes her. One friend cares and is trying to be by her side for the longest time. But.......she thinks they're right she thinks she doesnt belong and someday a change will happen in her life


2. Pushes and words

I killed someone

you see

a girl who was alone and depressed

and that girl was me


“ Crystal you better be up for school if not i’ll be mad!” hollered dad. I quickly get out of bed and started changing clothes for school, and I can hear him walking up the stairs like a mad cow.

Opening the door like he has no respect. No one does really except for Nathan.

“ Are you ready?” asked dad.

“ Yea…..”  I quietly said.

“ NO!! Well then Ill fix that up for you,” he yelled. He came to me and grabbed a hold of my arm, beating and hitting his hand to get off my arm. He pushed me on my bed and smacked me 3 times in the face. Pushing him off of me I could feel his hands on my neck. My legs were free and I kicked him off of me. Running and grabbing my bag I run down the stairs and out the door and I see Nathan at the end of my driveway.  I grab his hand and kept running where I can’t see my house anywhere.

“ Crystal...Crystal what's going on why are we running we got time for school?” Nathan asked.  

“ Its my dad…” Thats all I said. I didn’t want to tell him about me almost getting raped by my dad last night. He looked at me and told me hes gonna spend the night at my house if that was alright. I nodded and kept walking. Nathan has been on my side for so long and everyone just stares at you for no good reason. I searched my pockets everywhere looking for my phone and then it hit me I left it on my table where I put it last night.


I knew once I entered the double doors from my school I was going to be pushed around and called words.

“ Hey Crystal my friends need me i'll be right back meet me at your locker ok,” he said smiling. I nodded and he left and I walked through the double doors.

“ Isn’t it the drag queen, for a second I thought you would be gone since nobody likes you and suicidal people,” laughed Samantha.

“ Maybe we should show her how much people don’t need her, shall we girls?” demanded Samantha. Her group of friends came around me and pushed me on the ground and they took my arms and legs and dragged me against the wall and started kicking me. One of her friends brought in a very very hot soup that was steaming and threw at my face.

“ Ha good girls lets go now and get to class as she burns to death,” laughed Samantha. The hot soup felt like it was going through my skin and burning and very hot. I felt like dying myself just by the hotness. The blistering hot soup made it worse for my cuts and made them sting like hell. I needed Nathan to support me and he wouldn’t care if he had to hug me in the blistering soup. I just wanted to go home, but if I did I would have to deal with my dad more than anything. But I also don’t want to go to class full of soup. I just sat in a corner waiting and waiting for Nathan to come and find me and sooner or later i’ll find him too.


“ Crystal oh my gosh are you ok!?” Nathan hollered as he found me, running to me, dropping his bags. I just nodded. I didn’t basically want to tell him what happen because the more I think about it the more i’ll feel pain.

“ Are you ok? Here let me help you, and why do you smell like hot… they didn’t!” asked Nathan. I just nodded again. He helped me get up and to my locker to change clothes in the girls locker room. I could tell Nathan had enough and was getting mad every time they did something.

“ Do you still want to go class? I'll walk with you,” He asked. I nodded and we started walking to our classes.  He looked at me and wanted to say something but he didn’t say anything. I was in front of my class door and he gives me a hug.

“ Wait, Crystal I need to tell you something, this might be sudden for you but i’ve known you for 3 years now and this is what I want to say I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me and my mom tonight?” He asked. I was shocked for him to say that because for 3 years I haven’t actually gone to a friends house at all and another thing I never been to a boy’s house.
“ too….but i'm not that type of girl, your just my friend and what about my dad?” I asked him. He looked at me and I could see sudden rush of sadness on his face. I hugged him.

“ No promises but i’ll try,” I told him. He smiles and I leaned against the door with my books in my hands and my backpack on my shoulder which weighs a ton.

“ Crystal I also……” He stopped. BOOM I fall to ground when my teacher opens the door and everyone laughs at me calling me a pathetic drag trash girl.

“ Mrs Collins why are late for my class and why do you smell like soup!” asked my teacher. I look behind me and Nathan looks at me and waves good bye, I smile but I ignore the teacher. Sitting at the very back hiding my face from the girls. Kicking me and spitting paper balls at me.

I think im going to let Nathan spend a night at my house and go to his house for dinner,my father wouldn’t notice anyways that i'm gone. Besides he doesn't care and I haven’t actually had a good decent meal since mom died, and well at least I won't get hurt while i’m at his house, but I never been at a boys house. I wouldn’t know what to do and I would be so shy. What if my dad beats me when I come home from his house…..what if…..he has a heart attack…..what if he goes to the hospital… question is…….what if.


( bell rings for next class )

“ Crystal oh im so sorry I found your hairbrush and I used it to scrape off gum under the table, and I just can’t get it off, well here you go,” laughed Samantha. I take it from her and I look at it and it was destroyed. All of the bristles were stuck together. I had to throw it away, but luckily I had a new one at home. Damn Samantha always ruining my things and most of all, my life. The more I think about it the more I think she’s right maybe I don’t belong here maybe I am useless. I guess not to my father he uses me for abusement, sexuality, and drugs. Maybe I deserved to die, I don't have to be with my father but ill miss Nathan more than anything. Maybe Samantha is right……….or maybe she’s not.

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