The change of my life

A 16 year old girl having family trouble and abused and somewhat sexually abused by her father and is beaten at school just because no one likes her. One friend cares and is trying to be by her side for the longest time. But.......she thinks they're right she thinks she doesnt belong and someday a change will happen in her life


9. I promised you.

  It's been a week and 3 days now until Nathan died. I'm losing faith and i'm no longer happy. I'm just sitting in the kitchen and dad's been awfully quiet today.

“ Dad? “ He looks up from his newspaper. The last past weeks he's been great. Taking showers. I don't see beer anymore and the house is amazing again. He's just dad again.

“ Hmm? “

“ You're quiet. “

“ No not really just been really busy. “ Well that's a lie because all day he's been reading. I get up and get my Paradise book. I start reading and reading. It's been an hour now and I start crying and I literally throw the book on the wall because that's how pissed I am.

“ Calm down baby girl. “ I just look at him and drop on my knees trying to fight the tears. I get up and look at the clock and it's 4pm. I hear the doorbell ring and dad gets up and answers it. I go sit on the counter and tears fall again.

“ Crystal. “ I look up and there he is. Standing there smiling.

“ NATHAN!!!!! OMG!!!! “ I run to him and he picks me up and I couldn't stop crying and kept hugging and kissing him.

“ OMG!!!! YOU'RE ALRIGHT! “ I kept kissing and hugging more and tears kept streaming.

“ Haha baby I'm fine. I'm so sorry baby I'm sooo sorry. “

“ I THOUGHT U….OMG IT DOESNT MATTER ANYMORE! “ Sudden happiness came into my heart I was filled.

“ Baby I promised you so i'm gonna keep that promise. “ I giggle while tears were strolling down and kissed him and it was 10 secs long. He gets down on his knees and pulls out a ring. I was shocked I began to cry again and smile.

“ Crystal, baby I promise you I'll never leave you or hurt you at all. Baby I promise i'll keep you safe at all times. I promise i'll be on your side at all times. Crystal will you be my life? “

“ YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “ He gets up and puts the ring on me. It had a diamond on it.

“ It's a promise ring. I still have the one you gave me a long time ago. “ I look at him and we kissed again.

“ I love you Nathan. “

“ I love you more Crystal! “ I look at dad.

“ Run for your life and have fun baby girl. “

“ Thanks daddy. “ We get into Nathan's car and drive off.

“ Where do you wanna go? “

“ Paradise…. I wanna go with you. “ He smiles and starts to drive and that's the change of my life.


( interview )

Ok Mrs Ray how did you feel when Nathan was at the hospital?

I was devastated and I practically died

Next question after you guys found your paradise what happen next?

Well we went to college and then ended up find a home.

When you lost your virginity again the second time did you have kids?

No not yet at least the 4th sex we had kids. One is a boy and his name is Jake and one's a girl named Mareina

Aww cute Last question when Samantha die did you feel bad?

Ahhhh hell no no offence but that bitch deserved it!

Hahah ok and that's it everyone!




Thats it everyone I hoped you liked this book and Im hoping ill get more likes on my others dont forget to red my book called Paradise and there probably be a new one coming soon! LOVE U ALL!

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