The change of my life

A 16 year old girl having family trouble and abused and somewhat sexually abused by her father and is beaten at school just because no one likes her. One friend cares and is trying to be by her side for the longest time. But.......she thinks they're right she thinks she doesnt belong and someday a change will happen in her life


8. I promise

Sitting in the emergency room reading Paradise. I wish my life was as perfect as Caroline’s. I feel bad for Dylan but I swear if Caroline rejects him I'm burning this book! A doctor comes out and sits next to me.

“ Nathan, he's ok. But I rather not talk about his condition. But i'm gonna go talk to his parents so,  would you like to see him? “ I nod and I follow him. We go to his room and open the door. He was hooked up to several machines. I was so worried I ran to his side and grabbed his hand. He woke up and I started to cry.

“ Crystal? “ I look at him and he wipes my tears away.

“ You came. “

“ Of course I would why wouldn't I? “ More tears came and then I began to smile because I'm glad he's alive. He smiles but doesn't say anything. I saw the gunshot and he was hit on the chest but the shatters of the bullets didn't make it to the heart. I keep looking at him and finally had the nerve to kiss him.

“ Hehe don't….Cry….Baby. “ He could hardly breathe and say his own words.

“ Everything…..Will….Be alright. I that. No matter what life throws at….You. You have to stay strong. I know how life is rough on you but I promise…..I promise you…..I’ll be there. No matter what because I love you like…..Crazy…..So damn….Much I cant even….Breathe. The day….We had sex…...Was the greatest day of my life because….I got to spend it with you….I just love being….With you...I love you Crystal…..I really do. “ I cried like crazy and just kept kissing him.

“ Don't leave me! I love you so much. You are my heart. “ I lay in bed with him and lay my head on his chest. I hold his hand and I accidently dooze off.

“ I promise baby. “ He kisses me 5 times and holds my hands and lays down. And that was it.


  I wake up with a sudden noise. I look up and look at a machine that would check his heart rate and it was flat and making a long noise. I look at Nathan and try to wake him up.

“ Nathan?! “ He wouldn't move and he was so cold.

“ OMG NATHAN! “ Doctors come in and take me away and go towards Nate.

“ CLEAR! “ I cry so hard I start hitting.

“ NATHAN!!!!!!! “ The doctors dragged me to the patient's room and called my dad.

I just break down crying and screaming. They try to calm me down but I wouldn't let them touch me.

“ HE PROMISED!!!!!! “

“ YOU DON'T KNOW HOW BAD IT HURTS TO LOSE THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE! “ I'm dying inside and almost blacking out. I can't stop crying. All the pain comes back. Samantha, mom, dad, Samantha's friends, bullying, darkness, the devil, abusement, sexuality touched, broken hearts, and Nathan. I started to cough and cough and then I blacked out.

  I remember dad carrying me and crying his heart out. Him saying I got you baby girl kinda made me feel safe.

“ You're not alone. “ So this is what dad felt when he lost mom. Hopeless. We get home and I remember him carrying me to my room and on the bed and him kissing my forehead. And that's all I remember……


 Its been a week now and havent heard about Nathan's funeral and i'm still crying. I can't let him go. Dad comes in with the living room and gives me a cupcake. I don't eat it instead I put it on the table.

“ Thanks...But no thanks. “ I'm starting to trust him but not much.

“ I understand sweetie. “

“ How did mom die? “ I think that's shocked him.

“ Huh? “

“ I asked how did mom die? “ It was 2 minutes until he told me.

“ Cancer. She had cancer. “ I come and hug him.

“ I miss her and Nathan. “ He hugs me back.

“ I do too baby girl. “ Tears were everywhere that day.


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