The change of my life

A 16 year old girl having family trouble and abused and somewhat sexually abused by her father and is beaten at school just because no one likes her. One friend cares and is trying to be by her side for the longest time. But.......she thinks they're right she thinks she doesnt belong and someday a change will happen in her life


6. Death

  Ambulance cars were everywhere and so were cops. All I could here was just noise. I couldn't see Nathan.

“ NATHAN!!! “ The car hit  fire extinguisher and its engine was smoking. I finally see Nathan and ran to him.

“ Omg Nathan! Are u ok “ tears swarm round my eyes and I hold him tight.

“ Im fine I just fell in time baby girl, I swear i'm fine “ I was relieved. I kissed his cheek. Nathan looked at my leg and saw it bleeding

“ Im fine, “ we both walked towards the car to see who it was. Just then there were two girls in the car..passed out. I couldn't tell who the girls were. They were bleeding and cut, one of their arms had to be broken and one of the girls hands was covered in glass. Cops were everywhere around them trying to get them on the sheet beds to the ambulance car. A cop stopped us and told us to stand back because the car could explode from the damage. Everyone in the neighborhood was gathering around.

“ NATHAN oh my goodness you're alright! “ Mrs Ray shouted while hugging him. Just then I could see my father running like crazy towards me.

“ Are u ok! “ He asked. I nod and he gives me a hug. And this time he smelled like fresh baked apples. I watched the cops put the girls in the ambulance car but in the far crowd I saw Samantha crying but the more I looked at her it wasn't Samantha.


 I was home and dad was in the kitchen making dinner. I sat and watched the news to see if the accident would be on there, but I didn't see anything. I almost walked upstairs when I heard the news talking about the accident.

“ A tragic accident happened in..” I got into it a little more wanting to know who the girls were.

Just then I froze and it shocked me big time.

“ Two girls, Jessica white and Samantha Trenth, were driving a mustang to a party but their engine was going bad and made them crash, nothing was working in the car and it will no longer start. The two girls are in the hospital….” thats all I wanted to hear. I know Samantha is a b**** but I feel sorry for her. The hospital's name is “Count Angels Medical Care” maybe I should go visit her then again I don't want to. I guess im just gonna have to wait to hear more news about them. I walk over to the kitchen and stood there and dad was still cooking dinner.

“ Oh Crystal will you help me? I have no clue how to make this.” I just walk to him and shoved him to the side and made him watch what I was doing but I never said a word. Dad isn't fat I guess you can say although a lot of alcohol he drank sure did change his mood and health a lot and ill never forgive him. I put the food on plates and put them on the table ready to eat.

“ Sure looks good Crystal, you should be a chef “ He eats and I just watch.

I dump the food on the ground and stood up.

“ Do I look like your maid! “ I walked upstairs and slammed my door. I lay down on my bed wondering why dad all of a sudden changed. Alcohol doesn't change people that fast. I turned out my light and fell asleep


It's been 5 days and still no news about the accident and the funniest thing is I haven't seen Nathan. I guess ill go see him today. I quickly change and race down stairs and ran out the door. 5 minutes later i'm already at Nathan’s house.

“ Oh hey Crystal I wasn't expecting you here I was worried about you. You never answered your phone and when I knocked no one answered. “ I looked at him confusingly, I quickly hugged him and dragged him inside his house.

“ Want something to eat? “

“ Ill get fat “

“ Want something to drink?”

“ Ill overflow like a puddle “

“ ok ...then “ I laughed inside when he asked me what I would like. But all of those werent true though. He brought me to his room and closed the door.  I sat on his bed and he put on music and sat next to me.

“ You ok you seem...uncomfortable?” He asked.

“ No im ok..really…” He leans closer and kisses me. I blush like crazy and smile weakly.

“ Ahh u can smile better than that,” He laughed.

“ No I can't.” He smiles and tickles me. I laugh alot and he sits on top of me and still tickles me.

“ Please..haha...stop..hahah, “

“ Kiss me and ill stop,” He smiled but kept going.

“ I would..haha.. if you would stop,” I smiled. But he kept going. I put my hand on the back of his head and push it towards mine and our lips collide. He stopped tickling me. His lips were so warm and soft it made me feel good. I kissed him again and kissed him again and again. Sooner than 5 secs I rolled over and sat on top of him and kept kissing him. I could feel his hands on my lower back going down. I stop kissing him and looked at him and it felt like he could read my mind.

“ I swear I wouldnt hurt you...You know that Crystal I won't do something that you wouldn't let me do, “ He seemed like he meant it, I do trust him too. I kept kissing him and he lifts my shirt and I can feel his hands on my back. Before I could do anything he stops and turns me over and starts kissing my neck. I can feel his hands on my stomach going up towards my chest. He stops and takes off my shirt and continues to kiss my neck and lips. I close my eyes and feel the moment. Nathan slowly takes off my bra and I quickly hold it in place where he wont see my boobs.

“ Whats wrong? “ Tears roll down my face. He looks at me worried.

“ Nathan were not even dating and were about to have sex….and im just scared more than anything…” He looks at me looks away but still on top of me.

“ But my mom isn't home she won't be until tomorrow…. when I gave you those kisses I meant what I meant and I was wanting to be more..” I look at him and still tears rolling down my face.

“ Nathan…” He gets up and sits at the end of the bed. I quickly put my bra and shirt on and sit with him. I gave him a hug.

“ I have to go but ill see you tomorrow “ He looked at me and didn't say anything.

And so I walked home alone.


I woke up at 3 am with a startle. I woke up screaming Nathan's name. It was storming like crazy and I was gonna go see him and i didn't care I was going to be soaked.

I went downstairs and turned on the news. Still nothing. I went to the kitchen making me a drink and came back and I stopped in dead silence.

“ Samantha Trenth and Jessica White will be going to Honored funeral and buried at Restful Grave. Dued to their injury their parents pulled the plug at 12 pm last night…” I stood there and stood there for 30 mins….they’re dead….The two girls who bullied me to death….died. I ran to Nathan's house as fast as I could and opened his window and climbed through and woke him up.

“ NATHAN WAKE UP!!! “ He instantly stood up and looked at me.

“ Crystal what happen! “ I told him everything…

“ Dead….Damn, “ he mocked. We talked for 30 mins about it.

“ Nathan...i'm sooo sorry...I you , you make my heart skip a beat. I do want to be with you.. you mean everything  to me,” He looked at me and I looked at him. He smiles and I smiled. I quickly kiss him and he was shocked, I guess when I went out to kiss him I was on top.

“ Woah wasn't expecting about yesterday...i'm really so…” I put my finger on his lips and i kiss him.

“ Dont talk “ I kept kissing him. He turned me over to the bed and kissed me back. I took off his shirt and he took off mine.

“ Just kiss me “ He smiles and I smile.

“ OH my gosh.. NATHAN! “


I woke up in Nathans arms. He was sleeping and I was dreaming. 1 hour. Its 5 am and it's still raining even harder and it's still dark. I look underneath the blanket and my eyes went big. Ok so last night we had sex but I don't remember his…. oh lord.

“ Nathan….Nathan….NATHAN! “ He suddenly woke up and smiles.

“ What baby “ I look at him for a minute because he never said “ baby “ to me before.

“ I need to go home..before my father worries.” He looked at me for a minute.

“ Long story I'll tell you one day “

“ Ok baby “ We both got dressed and walked out the door.

“ love you, “ We both looked at each other and smiled

“ I love you soo much too baby, with all of my heart, i'll never let you go no matter what happens, ill be here to keep you safe...I promise, “ I piggy back rode him to my house and I slept all the way through too.


“ Hey sleeping beauty were here to your destination…..the trash….just kidding haha,”

“ Real funny Nathan, actually he's changed and everything's clean, “

“ Shocker...big shocker.” I smiled and gave him a kiss and hugged him.

“ Love you Crystal.” He smacks my ass when I was leaving.

“ I love you too you big goofball.” I watch him leave and I go inside. I sit on the couch and just daydream. My dream was interrupted when I heard a big boom outside. I quickly go out to see what happened and I see someone go down. I quickly ran to the person and fell to my knees crying my heart out. I ran to him hugging him to death.

“ OH MY GOD! Nathan… I got you.. dammit! Dont leave me!!” I Hugged him and he looks at me and puts his hand on my face.

“ NATHAN! DAMMIT STAY WITH ME!!! COME ON YOU SAID YOU WOULD NEVER LEAVE!!!” cops were already here and so were other people. It was a gunshot right on his left shoulder where the veins connect to the heart.

“ Crystal I love you baby “ He kissed me and his eyes closed.

“ NATHAN!!!!!” Cops were everywhere next to me and I screamed at them to get away.

“ You promised! promised….please don't leave me,” I cried on him and the cops took me away from him and held me back...putting him in the ambulance car…. I couldn't stop crying…..

All I can say was his name and that was it.

“ NATHAN!!!!!!!”




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