Luke's Daughter

Four yesrs ago they came and moved her stuff out of the house. He didn’t want it. He decided to destroy every memory of her. Except one. Me.


8. 7. Best friend

I went back home after school. It was Firday. It was raining again. Beth and Jess tortured me about every single detial of the meeting with Vintage Look. I told them that Logan and Bratty are actually the hook up types, Evan loves his guitar and Fabi is a little bit unsocial, but they acused me on being bad and not seeing the true nature of the boys. Yes. My father was a rockstar, he had a kid with sixteen. Michael still met up with groupies in his mancave. Ashton dated a ton of models before he finally sttled for Joanna. But I wasn't sure if his marriage would last forever. Calum was very wild in his young years. He was single now, but he hadn't have any scond thoughts about officialy flirting with a underaged girl. Yes I didn't knew the true nature of rockstars. 

I was eating ice cream for breackfast in the kitchen when Luke run through the hall. 

„Whta's up Luke" I shouted behind him. 

„Wait here. It's important" he screamed and slammed the door. 

I've never seen him in just a hurry. A second later his car left the yard. I returned to my ice cream and called Michael. 

„Dad's acting werid, do you know what's up" 

„no idea, isn't he always werid" asked Michael. 

„Yup, you're right" I turned of the call. 

‚Hi chocolate eyes, I'm missing you' I texted Calum. 

I decided to try to get more flirty. Maybe he will kiss me the next time we meet.He didn't replay. Was he bussy. Was I too stupid calling him chocolate eyes.I starred at the screen. I was getting flustarted. Another hour passed and I layed on the table looking at my phone. Was he mad. Has he met another girl. I was so deep in all the worst scenarios that I didn't notice the car comming back. The door was slammed and I jumped up. 

„You're still there. Ice cream for breackfast" Luke gave me a starnge look „You won't guess what had happened. The best thing ever.." Luke smiled bright. 

I haven't seen this smile since my mum died. 

„What" I got up. 

„We will have a guest. My friend will move in here" Luke smiled the whole time. 

„Ok" I whished it won't be any of this always drunk ancient rockstars in their late seveties that should hepl to write the album. 

„Meet my best friend" Luke pointed at the door. 

A second later the ice cream I was holding flew ou of my hand.A young man with a black suitcase entered the hall. He looked at me and his face turned pale although his skin had this lovely tan. 

„Calum, remember my daughter Tara" Luke smiled. 

I couldn't move. Calum send me a shocked glance. Was it anger in his eyes. 

„Hello Tara" he whispered looking away form me „I'm tired Luke. I'll go to my room" 

„Oh, Il'' show you where it is. You'll have you own kingdom downstairs" Luke hurried into the right part of the villa. 

Calum took his suitcase and follwed him. I flet I want to dissapear. I run upstairs and locked myslef in my room. I fell on the bed and started to cry. He will never talk to me again.

I cried the whol night while my phonescreen kept being dark. In the morning I went downstairs in my pijamas. I went into the kitchen and stopped. Calum dressed in his jenas ans boxershorts only was cooking eggs with backon. He turned around and looked at me. I run away to the garden and stpped next to the pool. A second later he grabbed my hand. 

„Tara Willson, yes" he siad.

„Im sorry I couldn't tell you, you would never" I hated him like Luke.

„Do you know how it makes me feel. This situation is sick" he let go of my hand.

„It wasn't sick when I wasn't Luke's daugther" I screamed.

„There never was much hope but now it's out of question" mutterd Calum.

„You're just scared" I screamed at him.

„What's going on here" Luke went to the garden.

„Nothing" I turned around.

„You shuldn't be so hard on her Luke, she's a very smart and responsibe girl" said Calum.

„So that's what it's about, setting him up against me, tell Calum how bad daddy Luke is" Luke got mad.
I was cring.
„Och, come on. She's sixteen. Let her out a little bit more" Calum went to the house.

„What have you tlod him. Where do you want to go"
I wnet to the kitchen after Calum. Luke folowed me and scemed.

„Where does she want to go" he asked Calum who took a plate and seemed somehow amused by the situation.

„Ther is this concert, the festival on the beach, Jess and Beth are going" I siad.

I didn't planned on going but it was the first thing in my mind.
„Ok... You can go, but not alone... Calum you'll take care of her" said Luke.

„Are you crazy. No" Calum looked away.
„Either you go with her or she wont go" said Luke.
„I'm the last person that should go with her" siad Calum.
„Calum, please" I looked at him.
His eyes cought mine and for a second it felt like in the lake house again.

„Ok" siad Calum going back to his breckfast.
„And put a shirt on my duater is sixteen" shouted Luke leaving the kitchen.
Me and Calum started to lough loud.

„Was he always that... horrible" asked Calum.

„He was worse" I took a plate.
„We need to bring him back to normal" whispered Calum.
„Can you" I sat next to him with my empty plate.
„What should I cook for you" he looked at me.
„Nothing" I blushed
„Here. Take a little" he cut of a big part of his eggs with backon and put it on my plate.
„Thanks" I looked at the table.
„You're still shirtless' Luke run into the kitchen.
Calum gave him a amused look.

„And who was running naked around the tourbus" asked Calum.

„That was... ages ago" Luke blushed.
I smiled into my plate.


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