Luke's Daughter

Four yesrs ago they came and moved her stuff out of the house. He didn’t want it. He decided to destroy every memory of her. Except one. Me.


6. 5. Partners in crime

Michel was an angel. Luke agreed on keeping me grounded only for a week. The meeking went well and the three bandmembers agreed on putting the new song, my song, on the album.

I got back home, forced in some supper and locked myself in my bedroom.  I was waiting for Calum's call. 

Luke and I never talked much. Only wen we had to. I couldn't forgive him how he left me alone when my mum was sick. How he just locked himself up in the stufio and kept ignoring the situation. I had to call doctors. I stayed with her. He did nothing to save her. Michael tried to hepl me. He visited often. He moved in when my mum got worse. He hepled me fight through everyday. But Luke just kept ignoring my existance. He started ignoring my mother. He wasn't able to look at us. When she died he wasn’t speking with me form months. He kicked Michael out of the house so i was left all alone. I heard him crying in the bathroom, in his bedroom. He walked around, unshaved in his pijamas, with red eyes. He looked at me as if I would be some kind of monster or alien. Sometimes he was screaming about me listening to music or watching tv, or not donig anything meaningful. Like if I hadn't the right to deal with it my own way. 

The phone vibrated. I answered it bu I was trembeling. I saw a hotel room and big brown eyes.

„Are you sleeping Tara” I heard Calum's voice.

„No” I tried to look ok.

I washed my tears of before I tunred the camer on.

„Hello, oh is everything ok” Calum looked at my face.

He sunded worried.

„Sholud I come for you”

„No it’s fine. I just hate being grounded. It’s unfair” I lied.

„It will be ok” he smiled.

„Sure” I tried to smile back.

It will never be ok because Luke won't be ever able to fix it.

„I’m just happy to see you” I tried not to cry loud.

„Tara tell me what’s up” he looked at me seriously.

„It's just so hard. Me and my father. I hate him so much… so much you can’t imagine” the tears started rolling down my face.

„I wish I could be there to hug you” Calum had this lovely voice that made my heart feel less hurt.

„Hey, let’s meet tomorrow. The boys are doing a campfire next to a lake. It will be fun”

„I can’t I’m grounded” I kept crying.

„Tara, you’ll figure it our. Maybe your friend can hep, you”

„I’ll let you know” I wanted to turn the phone off.

"Do you want me to read for you till you fall asleep" he asked and I looked up.

„Yes” I was so stunned that I stopped crying.

I layed down and hugged my teddy.

„What his name” asked Calum.

„Marvin” I felt i’m blushing.

„He’s pretty. Pretty lucky” he looked away.

He found a book on his phone and sat up in bed. He was shirtless and I kept looking at the feather tatooed on his chest. It’s always been my favourite.

„I like you tatoo” I said.

„Which one” he blushed.

„The feather” I imagined how it colud taste under my kiss.

I bit my lip. The same way Luke was doing it even if I ddn’t have a pearcing.

„Thank you. I like it too” he smiled „Close youre eyes” he started to read.

I tried to keep my eyes shut but I couldn't stop watching him. I analized every inch of his body. How were his lips tasteing. They were so insanely big. 

„Sleep or I’ll stop reading” he looked at me through the screen and I felt shivers.

„I’m sorry” I took a deep breath.

I couldn’t wait to meet him and maybe touch him. Hug him at least. Was he thinking about it. Probably not. I was too young for him. He was reading and somehow I fell asleep listening to the music of his voice.  


„Hello princess” Michael went in the school hall and came to me. Beth stopped. 

„Hi Michael” I smiled and hugged him

"And” I looked at him with hope.

„Luke said yes. You can stay with me and my parents till tomorrow. I’ll take you to school in the morning. He even agreed that you me and my mom can go to the cinema”

„Great” I flet the second part of the plan won’t be so easy. 

I never lied to Michael before and I flet bad about doing it.

„Actually Ashton and his wife invietd me to the cinema. But Luke wouldn't agree you know. Because of the concert”

„Oh, I can join you” Michael smied.

"It’s a bornig movie, Joanna choose it’ i tried to sound natural.

„Yes, I understand. How long is the movie” asked Michel.

„Two hours. And after we’re going for ice crem. I’ll be back after midnight” I smiled innocently.

„Ok, but not later than midnight. You know Luke” Michael didn't seem to be a fan of this idea.

„Thank you uncle” I hugged him again.

„Ok, so take your stuff and let’s go” he went back to the car.

„What are you hideing” asked Beth.

"Nothing” I smield. „What concert is he talking about. You weren't at the concert” she lookd at me.

„I was late and I got into another section. My fater's friend had a vip ticket so he took me with him” I flet I nedd to remember every complicated lie.

„So you’ve met them” Beth screemed.

„No, I just… saw them backstage” I flet stange.

„How are they” she started to jump around me.

„Bornig” I looked around „ I need to go I’ll tell you tomorrow”

„Oh… I love them so much" 

„Their music isn’t good, sorry” I turned around.  



„But no being late, no lack of recpetion or a broken car” Michael was looking at Aston the way Luke would do it.

„Chill, she’s sixteeen” Aston sighed.

„And it’s so suspicious that youre wife cached a clod today” Michael kept looking at Aston that way.

„She can’t do anything about it” Ashton was sweating.

We were covered in this lies togethter. He used my song, so he needed to cover up for me, again.

„She’s sixteen” Michael grabbed Ashton's arm.

„Michael, I have a wife. Are you crazy. I wouldn’t think abot touching Luke's daughter” Ashton was flustarted.

„Ok, I just needed to check” Michael looked at me.

If he only new. 

„So bye uncle.” I hugged him.

„Midnight’ he sereamed when I run out of the house.

„Am I Cindrella” i said turning around.

„Midnight or I’m going to call Luke”

„Ok” I felt bad.

How could he be so strickt. When did te turned into father number 2, I run to the car and fastened the setbelt.

„You’re getting me in troble four your rockstar boyfriend” Ashton looked at Michael in the mirror.

„He’s not my boyfriend just a friend” i turned red.

I told him I’m metting up with Evan from Vitage Look.

„Not a boyfriend, yeh, so why are you blushing” Ashton smiled to himself.

„We’re just friends” I flet my stomach moving again.

I was so exicted to see Calum. 

"I’ll pick you up at 11 so we’ll be back on time” Ashton speeded up the highway to the lake.

„Ok, thank you” I looked at the setting sun.

It sank behind the forest. It was still bright when we reached a carpark next to the lake. 

„I’ll go for a walk in the forst. Be here at 11” Ashton was worried.

„I’ll be fine. See you” I jumped out of the car and run down the dusty road to the lake.


Which 5sos member would be your favourite partner in crime ? ;)


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