Luke's Daughter

Four yesrs ago they came and moved her stuff out of the house. He didn’t want it. He decided to destroy every memory of her. Except one. Me.


5. 4. His favourite restaurant

I woke up when the sun was high on the sky. I grabbed my phone. 

Morning lovely. How was your night’ Calum had send this text two hours ago.

I felt taht it’s the best morning message ever. 

‚I had sweet dreams. Morning’ I still thought about a lovely name for him. Someone knocked at the door.

"What" I got mad.

"Get up. I’m taking you to the town’ Luke was behind the door.

"Go alone"

"You're grounded so it’s a part o the punishment”

"Punish Ashton's car for breaking down” I was so angry.

„I’m waiting for you downstairs” he left fom the door.

I went out of the bed and took a quick shower. 

I hated him so much. He was happy about himslef and I hated it more. He was walking round the kitchen with his coffe.

"I wonder what song Aston will bring, it better be good”

„Och. I forgot my phone” I run to may room.

I forgot  about the song. I took my diary from the shelf. I looked through it. I screenshot a song I liked but I flet wasn't so personal and sent it to Ashton. Then I went back to Luke. He forced me to eat a bowl of cerial. Than he took me to town. We went to his favourite restaurant. He had his table there. 

I hated this place becuase i had a lot of memories with mum here.

"Hey, how was the concert” I saw uncle Michael and felt a little bit happier.

"Gret” I blushed.

The best night of my life. 

"Sorry for being late” Ashton went to the restaurant and sat at our table.

"The new song" he looked at me putting a paper on the table. 

"It’s genius” Michael studied the paper and I blushed again.

I knew I was a good songwriter.

"Gret” Luke was in the bad mood.

"So what’s the plan” asked Ashton.

Luke was silent.

"There are a lot of good bassists in Sydney” mutterd Michael.

"I’ll wait i the garden” I got up.

There was a botanical garden with a fishpond behind the restaurant. I sat next to the pond and looked at the colouful fish.

'How’s your day’ I texted Calum.

I waited longer till the screen lit up.

'Good. Kind of. I’m in the studio with the boys. How are you.’

'I’m out with my father. It’s boring’

'Sorry to hear. I would kidnapp you if I coud but it would probably make it worse’ 

I smied

'Yes, looks like we stuck with texting’

'I can call you anytime’

I flet that I’m blushing.

'I’ll let you know.'

"Hey is everything ok” Michael came to me.

I nerly dropped the phone into the pond. 

"Luke shouldn't be so hard on you’” Michael sat next to me.

"It’s his way” I looked at him.

"What’s up. When will I hear your song” he smiled.

"Never. I’m not a musican” I looked at the pond.

"I don’t think you right. It’s in your blood you’re Luke's daughter” Michael was always so encourageing.

"That's why. I don’t want to be like him” I flet my hate gorwing.

"So are they any good, Vintage Look” Michael smied.

"So so” I smiled „But I had a lovely evening."

"A little crush. I wont tell anyone” Michael raised his eyebrow.

"No” I felt my cheeks getting red.

"I bet it’s Bratty” Michel smiled.

"I bet your bet is wrong” I flet my stomach moving.

If he knew. Would he scream like Luke. What would Luke do. Kill Calum.

"Michel. Have you ever been in love” I looked in his eyes.

"Ym… maybe… I’m not so sure. But I’m happy for you. Is he a good person”

"I hope so” I smiled „Why did Calum left the band." I asked.

"Oh… It’s a very complicated matter” Michael looked away.

„How is he” I felt I shouldn't ask but I culdn't hepl. 

Michael and Calum were friends since childhood.

„A very nice guy. Very kind and talented. I little bit crazy. That’s how he was ten years ago. I don’t know about now.” Michale shook his head. „I’ll go back to the meeting. I’ll try to get you ungrounded”

"Thank you” I smiled.

Michael got up and went to the restaurant. I looked at my phone.

'I miss you' Calum sent me a werid photo of him in Vintage look's changeingroom.

I smield.

Miss you too’ I coudn’t wit till the evinng.

I culd lock myself in my bedroom and talk to him on the phone.

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