Luke's Daughter

Four yesrs ago they came and moved her stuff out of the house. He didn’t want it. He decided to destroy every memory of her. Except one. Me.


4. 3. Aftershow

Calum slowd down next to the crowd that was gathered around the entry to the pub.

„Can we use the back door. My father can’t see photos of me here, and he knows were I am” I said.

„Ok” Calum drove around the pub and stopped at the back door. 

A guard took us inside. Like in the old tmes. The Vintage Look boys have been in the bar already. Bratty was drinking beer and joking loud. He was the oldest of them and turned eighteen last month. He noticed me and I felt the piercing look of his dark blue eyes. It somehow reminded me of Luke and I felt bad. 

„Can we, sit there” I noticed a quiet table in the corner of the bar.

„Sure” Calum went there.

I sat opposite him. My phone vibrated. I looked at the screen. Ahston. I ignored him.

„You can pick up the call” Calum looked at me.

„It will make it worse” I flet strange.

The waitress came and i ordered orange juce. Calum ordered beer.

„I thought you will talk with the guys” Calum pointed at the four bandmates at the bar.

„I’m not a fangirl” I smiled. 

He took off his jacket and put it on the chair. I felt it’s getting hotter in the bar when I looked at his tatooed arms and his chest I could notice through the fabirc of his black tight tshirt.

„So what do you want to do in life” he asked.

„I want to ba a musican. But it’s a werid dream” I looked away from him.

I felt I’m blushing.

„Why did you leave the band” I asked.

„Uncle, can you buy me a beer” asked Fabi.

Calum send him a puzzled look.

„Try your luck young men” he smiled.

„Oh you’re so mean” Fabi had tears in his eyes.

Mali would kill me” Calum seemed amused.

„And you. How old are you” Fabi looked at me.

„It’s not your bussines” I said feeling that I start to hate him.

„See, leave” Calum looked at him.

Fabi stomped and went to the bar.

„His father's wrong gentic” Calum shighed.

„What” I started to lough.

„Sorry, just my opinion” I looked in his eyes and for a second we were silent.

The waitress came and put our drinks on the table. 

„Have a nice night” she muttered and went away.

My phone vibrated again.

„So, for the night and this meeting” Calum picked up his bottle.

I rose my glass. Was I like Luke? Playing with the danger. Was it wrong ganetic? My phone vibrated again. 

„I must go” I said sending Ashton a text.

„I’ll drive you home” Calum got up.

„No, my friend is doing this. Can you bring me to the stadium” I felt that I will lie a lot, especialy to my father.

We left the pub and went to the car.

„Can we change numbers” Calum stopped.

„Sure” I smield.

We saved eachother's numbers.

„We must hurry” I smield getting in the car.

Calum drove me to a small street behind the stadium.

„Thank you for the night” I smield openieng the door.

„See you. Have a beautiful night” he looked at me and I nearly melted.

„See you” I couldn’t wait for the next meeting.

I run down the street to Aston’s car.

„Where were you” he was mad.

„I… I got to the aftershow and met the guys” I couldn’t stop smiling.

„Luke will kill me” Ashton pulled his hair.

„We can  make something up. Turn your phone off” I said doing it with mine.

„And” he looked at me.

„We’ll tell him the car broke down in a place without reception” I smiled.

„We’re in the middle of Sydney girl” he was furious.

„You had to pick something up at the farm. For the band. A new song” I jumped into the car.

„But I don’t have a song” Ashton looked at me.

„I can give you one of my songs. I’ll send it to you" I smiled.

„Girl you can lie. And you look like Luke when he’s up to something bad” Ashton went into the car.

I smiled. I looked in the mirror and noticed my blue eyes. They looked like my dad's. Ashton drove me back home. Luke run out of the villa when he heard the car.

„Were were you” he was screming.

„Sorry. I went to pick up a song at the farm and the car broke down. In the middle of nowhere. No reception.” Ashton send me a moody look.

„You’ll never take care of her agian. You’r just irresponsible” Luke screamed „And you… Back to your room. You’er grounded” 

„Thanks” I muttered to Ashton and went into the house.

I heard them arguing. I closed the door of my little kingdom.  I felt that I’m starting to cry. Luke was so unfair. My phone screen lit up.

'Hello Tara, how’s your night. I hope you didn’t get too much trouble because of me’ a text form Calum made me smile through my tears.

'No I just got grunded. My father was screaming at  my friend, he's a little bit overprotective’ I wrote back.

'I’m sorry for it’ he was so sweet.

I went to the bahroom with my phone and changed into my pijamas. I got back and sat on the bed.

'It was amazing tonight. The best night since ages’ Calum's words appered on the screen.

'We must do it again’ I felt my stomach was moving and my cheeks were bushing.

He’s your father's age. My mind tried to fight. 

'Definitely. When

'Soon, as soon as I stop being grounded’ I smiled to myself.

'Let me know when’ his words were so beautiful.

'Goodnight beautiful’ I nearly screamed reading the last line.

'Goodnight’ I thought about thousand sweet words i can write to him but they all seemd so unfitting. So I left it like that. I cuddled to my teddybear and kept reding his texts. I googled him and found his old pictures. He was so young back than. And Luke. Seeing Luke as a teenager was so strange. He made so much shit. Nude photos and stuff. How could he be so mad about me comming back late form a concert. I couldn’t sleep. I kept turning in bed till the morning.



The new chapter is ready :) how do you like it? What do you think about Tara and Calum? 

Do you think age gaps are a problem in relationships?

I my opinon age doesn't matter for love or friendship.





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