Luke's Daughter

Four yesrs ago they came and moved her stuff out of the house. He didn’t want it. He decided to destroy every memory of her. Except one. Me.


3. 2. Meeting the ghost

I was on the stairs looking for the ticket in my purse and running when I hit somone.

„Oh sorry” I said looking at the person I banged into and then I nealy fell from the stairs.

„Are you ok” he looked at me a litle bit puszzled.

„Yes. Yes, sorry” I tried to look less as if I had seen a ghost bit it felt like it 

He didn’t recognize me. He couldn’t. It’s been ten yeras. 

„Are you ok” he stopped "Spechless our out of breath”

„Both” I muttered tring to get my thoughts together.

What was he doing here. In Sydney. On this concert. 

„Are you working for them” I asked.

„Why. Do I look like a concert help” he smiled.

„But you’re Calum from 5sos” I asked 

„Just Calum” he looked at me „A person your age shouldn’t know me.

„I love music. In general” I siad.

„Vintage look” his eybrows went up.

„I’m not a fan. I just want to know if they're any good” 

„Yeh a fan wouldn’t be late” he smiled again.

He looked like ten years  ago. The same deep brown eyes and the sweet smile. I had a strong crush on him back then. A very childish one but still.

„So are you comming or are you missing the rest of the concert. I have a free ticket if you like you can watch it with me form the bridge” 

„Why not” I wnet up the stairs with him. I

t felt so stange. He was my father's age and yet so attractive. They way he moved the wey he looked at me. We past the security and went up to the top of the hall. The band was in a middle of a song when we reached our places near the roof of the stadim. We had a view over the whole arena and the stage. 

„That’s cool” I siad smiling.

„Your first concert” he smied.

„I’ve been to many” I flet strange.

Calum was only my whole life older than me and this calculation made me sick. I looked down on the four boys that were making the crowd wild. Their music still didn’t appel to me. I looked at the screen. Bratty, the leadsinger was very emo. His blonde bleached hair coverd nerly half of his face. 

„They need better songwriters" I whispered and Calum smiled.

„All your friends are probably fangirls” whisperd Calum.

„Yes they are” I smiled „But the pop scene needs better tenage stars” 

„So become one if you're a better songwriter” Calum’s eyes were glooming in the dark.

I flet that my stomach made a strange move. I coludn’t still have a crush on him.  I tried to concentrate on Bratty. All the girls were so crazy about him. They compared him to the pale misterious bassist Evan and the crazy red haired drummer Logan. The only one I liked a little bit was Fabi the guitarist. He was Kiwi and had the same beautiful skintone as Calum. And then a sudden though froze me. Calum was here and he had no reson. Was Fabi his son. I felt I can’t breath and I grabbed the chair.

„Is Fabi your son” I asked turning to Calum.

„No” he smiled loud „I have no children. Fabi is my sister’s son. But shh..  No one can know it’s our little secret”.

„Ok” I sighed with relief.

„Do you have a girlfriend” I asked feeling scared again.

„No, I had a few but nothing worked. I guess I’ve never been in love” Calum looked down on the stage.

„I guess I wasn’t in love too” I siad studying his features.

His beautiful huge lips.

„So there's two of us” Calum looked at me and looked away.

We were silent to the end of the concert. When the band finished and left the stage everyone moved out.

„Would you like to meet the guys” Calum looked at me „Come” he smiled.

He led me down and through security to the corridrs backstage. I felt so home again. The las time I was walking this  corridor was 5sos' last gig. I remember how sad I was. I was holding Luke's hand tightly. Calum was walking two meters in fornt of us like today. I remembered his back. His dark hair. Luke’s hand. I nearly bumped into Calum again when we stopped at the changingroom. Bratty went out and gave Calum a five.

„Was it good bro” he asked.

„Yeh, you rocked it man” Calum smiled.

„A fangirl” Bratty looked at me.

„No, she’s my friend” Calum winked at me.

„Nice to meet you, Bratty” he came over and hugged me.

„Nice to meet you to” he was sweaty and wasn't smelling right.

„What’s your name” he asked.

„Tara” I said.

Calum looked at me strangely. 

„Tara Wilson” i said making the surename up.

„Nice. Are you comming for the aftershow party” Bratty smield.

„I… sure” Luke will kill me.

Ashton should pick me up. What a mess. 

„Hey Cal, oh pretty girl” rad hair Logan came out of the dressing room and smiled to me.

„Hello beauty” this time it was Evan, the boy with white skin and night back hair.

„Hi” I felt strange.

„tara, meet my nephew” Calum came closer to me.

He was kind of proud of Fabi. Fabi was tall. He had deep brown eyes and dark hair. He send me a dark look.

„Niec to met you” he muttered.

„It’s nice too” I loked at Calum.

„He’s a little bit shy with girls” Calum smiled when  Fabi left the corridor.

„See you at the party” shouted Bratty „Don’t forget your friend Cal”

I felt stange. 

„I shouldn't go. My father will be worried” i looked at Calum.

„One hour. I’ll take you home” he smiled.

„One hour” I flet that I couldn’t say no to this eyes.

Calum went to the back of the hall and invited me to his black car. He started the engine and drove into the night. The pub the band partied in wasn't far form the stadium.  Fans were gathertd in front of the door. They had cameras and the last thing I needed was photos of me with Calum. What would the press say. Luke's teenage daughter parites with his ex bandmate. 

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