Luke's Daughter

Four yesrs ago they came and moved her stuff out of the house. He didn’t want it. He decided to destroy every memory of her. Except one. Me.


13. 12. The double strangeness

I opened my eyes and felt that I'm wrpped in the sheets. Marvin was under my cheek. The sun was high. I sat on the bed. My parent's huge bedroom was so clean and empty. Luke left only a bed and a wardrobe in this room. He repainted the walls that were once hevenly blue in a deep gray shape. He bought a new bed with black wooden frames and a black wardrobe.


I noticed a plate with a happy sandwich with a smile and a bowl of cerial on the bed.


‚Have nice day sunshine' I read a small note form Luke.


I flet I'm treated like little princess.


So I didn't need to go downstairs for breackfast and maybe meet Calum. I was thankful for it.


I ate and went to my room with Marvin. Marvin's ear needed fixing. He was very very old. I got him form Luke when we first met. I was four then but I remeberd soft white hands giving Marvin to me. I could't remember his face. Since than Marvin always slpet with me. He traveled around the world with me. He was my old companion.


„We need to fix youre ear" I said putting Marvin on the bed.


My phone was overloaded. Over hunderd mesaages from Calum. I just checked Michael's last one.


„I'll pick you up after school"


I hoped Calum won't be with him. I had only few classes in the afternoon. I got redy and went to school. But today I couldn't focus. Jess told Beth that she's seeing Bratty tonight and I felt sick. He probably wanted to have sex and never see her again. Was Calum the same.


I told Mr. Brenadan that I'm feeling bad and I left the class. I waited on the edge of the pavement till Michael's car appeared. He jumped out and sat next to me.


„What's up. Calum hasn't done anythig wrong" Michael asked.


„Taht's what he says" I felt my eyes are catching tears again


„Tara. I don't understand." Michael looked at me.


„Just take me home" I said getting up.


„Tara I thought we will go to record something" Michael smiled.


„Without Calum"


„yes" Michael siged.


„Ok" I went into the car.


We got back home so I could change clotes and take my songs and my guitar. Michael took me far away form the city.


„Were are we going" I asked.


„To Ashton, but don't worry the witch got a job in LA and left"


„I hope some shark will get her" I said closeing my eyes.


Was Calum realy in love with her. She was twenty eight. Sure she was the right age. She could do all this things.


We reached the big house between the filds. Ashton came to us.


„Hallo Tara, we must talk abut Joanna's behavior" he looked at me.


„No" I went out of the car and speeded to the house.


I wasn't here for ages and nothing changed. This made me stop in the livingroom.


Ashton's litte dog came to me and licked my legs.


„Hi little buddy" I peted him.


„I'll be back with pizza" Michael left the house.


I flet strange. I never liked to be alone with Ashton. I never trusted him.


„Are you comming to the studio. Do you want something to drink" he went to the kitchen.


„No thanks" i played wit the dog."


"So, what did she say" Ashton stopped in the livingroom.


„Nothing" I flet bad.


"We're partners in crime you can tell me" he looked at me.


„No it will hurt you too"


„So" he was still there still looking at me.


„She said that Calum... that he... wanted her and came to her tent... and... begged her to have sex with him" I finally got this words out.


„She's so.. imaginative" Ashton rolled his eyes.


„You don't belive her" I looked at him.


„Calum... there's only one girl Calum sees right now" Ashton smiled to his thoughts.


„Who" I flet my stomach moveing.


Ashton smiled and went to the kitchen.


„But does it mean" I went after him.


„That she woud like to have sex with Calum, yes. There are a lot of people we wold like to have but we can't have" Ashton opend the fridge and filled a galss with juice „Here, for you"


„Thank you" I looked at him.


„Who do you want, you can't have" I asked.


He stopped with his back to me.


„I can't tell you"


„Why" I always asked too many questions


He turned around and looked me in the eyes and I felt a shiver down my spine. In this moment the door went open.


„Pizza" Michael burst into the house.


I turned around and went into the livingroom. Michael was putting pizza on plates but I felt the world keeps spinning i my head. Thay's why Joanna hated me so much. She knew. It wasn't Calum she was talking about. That's why Ashton stopped coming to visit when I got fourteen. He kept my secrets. No it was impossible.


„Eat Tara" Michaeld gave me a plate.


„I'm not hungry. I don't feel well I want to go home" I said.


„But Tara" Michael looked at me.


„I think I catched a cold in the woods" I said.


„Let her go. We don't want her to get sick" Aston was avoiding looking at me


„Ok" Michael got up „Come" he sighed.


I run to the car. I couldn't wait to leave the house. I felt so bad. Why couldn't it be boys my age. Like Fabi or Evan.


Maybe I should try it with one of them. I flet strange. Calum loved me I loved him. But wasn't it all sick enough.




I run out of the house when Calum cought my arm.


„Tara, what happened" he was so flustrated.


„I can't" I siad running out.


I knew I'm breaking his heart and my heart but I decided to try something more „normal". I invited Evan over to a pub. He siad yes. We were writeing on a messenger and Evan kept sending me strange videos of cats and dogs form youtube he assumed were very funny.



I reached the pub by subway. I was so inbetween minds. I went into the shady little place. The music was loud. I made my way to a table in the corner.


‚Where are you' I texted Evan.


‚Comming' he texted back.


‚When' I was flustarted.


I invited him but should he realy act like a girl.


A waiterss came closer.


"I'm waiting for my date, I'll order later" I said.


She send me a dark look but went back to the bar. I was bored. How longe could it take for him to come. It was half an hour later when Evan went into the pub. He looked at me and smiled. His pale cheeks wee deeply red when he reached the table.


„Hi" he siad taking place on the chair opposite me.


„You're late" I was flustrated.


„I needed to lie to my mum to come here. Maybe your rockstar daddy lets you go everywhere but I have normal parents" he looked at the bar. „Do you think I'll suceed to order a beer with my fake ID?"


„Totally no, you look like fifteen" I felt this evening is everything but not what I expected.


„I'm sixteen" he looked at me.


„I know" I looked at my phone.


Should I leave now or give him a chance.


„I'll try it anyway" he took the fake ID out of his wallt. „You know I'm a rockstar now so who knows" he got up.


And I thought Bratty was stupid.


I watched Evan. He went to the bar and put his fake ID on the counter. The waitress looked at him in disbelief. They started to argue, two minutes later Evan came back holding a glass of coke.


„And, who was right"


„She's so men like my mum" Evan was angry.


„Be happy you have one" I felt I want to scream at him.


He was silent. The waitress came to me and I orderd juice. I remebered my firts evenig with Clum after the concert. The hot chemistry that was filling the air between us.


„You know that my grandfather had no driveing license" siad Evan.


„Aha" I didn't know what to say.


„But he drove a tank. Can you belive it. He couldn't drive a car but he drove a tank" Evan shook his head. „How is it even possible without a driving license" he asked me.


I dind't know if I should lough or run. Probably the scond option.


Evan looked at me as if he was expecting a answer.


„I don't know" I siad.


„You see no one knows. He was a man my grandfather" he drank his coke.


„Yeah" I was looking out of the window.


It started to rain and I had no umbrella.


„Oh, on my way here I found a cat video. It's hilarious" Evan took his phone out of his pocket. „They teach the cat to skateboard, and it keeps running away" Evan smiled loud. „Here look" he put the phone on the table.


„Sorry but this videos are just... boring and stupid" I felt I'm not going to stand it any longer.


„You should have told you don't like cats I have a great dog video too" he looked up the history on his phone.


„All of them are dump" I said and Evan lookad at me.


His deep dark eyes were filled with shock.


„But... than... what can we talk about" he asked looking around as if he would like to run.


„Music... maybe" I said.


„Music. You want to see our concet videos" he asked.


„No I don't want to watch any videos"


„So what would you like to do. Make out" he smiled.


I was about to bang my head against the table.


„No" I siad. „Why"


„You kissed Bratty" siad Evan.


„What" I flet I'm about to hit him.


„You didn't. But Calum beat the shit out of him. Because he thought that you like Fabi"


„What. Who told you that" I couldn't belive my ears.


„Bratty" Evan was shocked.


„Bratty is an asshole and a liar" I siad feeling that I'm trembelng.


„But you've kissed him" Evan lookd at me.


„He tried to rape me, I guess" I felt it's too much for tonight.


„You know I... need to go to the toilet..." Evan got up.


He left around the bar but he turned and took the frontdoor. I saw him running into the rain.



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