Luke's Daughter

Four yesrs ago they came and moved her stuff out of the house. He didn’t want it. He decided to destroy every memory of her. Except one. Me.


12. 11. Lies

The bright sun hit my face and I woke up

My back was hurting from sleeping on the rocks. I tried to stand up. The ocean was glittering in the morning sun. I could swear I saw a dolphin.

„Hi Tara" I heard Michael's voice and turned around.

he was eating cold pizza.

„Do you want some" he said smileing.

„What are you doing on our rock" I looked at him.

„Yeh I'm part of the family" Michael threw a candy at me.

„Where's dad" I looked around.

„Went to swim" Michael pointed at the ocean.

„Och" I smiled.

I noticed Michael's pillows and his sleepingbag.

„You could at least share a pillow" I felt my bones are hurting.

„You stole my torch, I needed to find my way through the forest with my phone only"

„Luke took it" I sat next to Michael „Do you have something more than cold pizza."

„I bet Calum will find us soon" muttered Michael.

„What happened" I found cookies in Michael's stuff.

„Don't ask" Michael rolled his eyes

„Let me guess, Joanna" I smiled.

„Can't we push her from this rock" Michael sighed.

„Ashton will cry" I loughed.

„Do you belive it"

„There must be a reson why they're together" I looked at Michael.

We both burst out wit loughter.

„So what had she done" I asked.

„Oh first she made Calum so mad that he nearly threw all our food into the fire. Than Ashton took her to the tent. They ended up argueing and he left. She was snoreing and my tent wasn't far away. Than Ashton came back and they argued again and I took my stuff and found my way here" Michael looked at the beach.

Suddenly we heard the bushes moveing. I jumped up but the person that appeared on the rock was Calum. He had a dark look.

„Babe" I looked at him.

„Can someone poison this woman" Calum put his stuff on the rock.

„I'm in" said Michael.

„I know some plants they probably grow here" I smiled.

Michael looked at me with excitement.

„What difference does my past make to her. Realy" Calum sat next to us. „I made sandwiches for breackfast" he gave me bread with cheese and vegetables.

„You're rescueing us man" Michael took a sandwich.

„You've already finished a pizza" I looked at him.

„But it was cold" Michael stuck his toungue out to me.

„How was the night with Luke" asked Calum.

His hand landed on my knee.

„Ok" I felt taht it wasn't so bad at all.

„Hi guys" Luke appeared on the rock.

His har was wet. He smiled to us.

„Hello, a sandwich" asked Calum.

„Sure" Luke took one.

„We don't need to stay here. We can go home" I said looking at them.

„It's no point in being here anyway" muttered Calum, when Luke came he stopped touching me.

„We don't give in so quickly" siad Luke.

„But what can we do wih Joanna. We had two idas. To push her from this rock or poison her" said Michael.

I looked at the waves. I smoehow wanted the band to get together again. And I was the only woman here except her.

„I'll spend time with her" I siad.

„No. She won't abuse and humiliate you. I'm not allowing it" Luke was strict.

„Daddy. This album the tour. There are bigger things we're fighting for. I can stand few hours with the monster" I said.

„But if she do something that will hurt you come here and we'll go home" Luke looked me in the eyes

„Ok" I smiled to make him less worried.

I got up and went through the forest to the glade. It was very quiet there. I saw Ashton he was sitting next to the burned out fire.

„Where's Joanna" I looked around.

„She's asleep" he was sad.

„They are waiting for you on the big rock, you probably know how to get there" I came closer.

Ashton looked at his tent.

„I'll stey with her. Please don't talk too long" I said stopping next to a piece of wood.

„I can't do it to you" Ashton looked at me.

„You lied for me, I can spend few hours with your wife" I said.

„If she says something.. just call me" Ashton got up and run to the forest.

I sat on th wood. I hoped she will sleep the whole day. The sun was makeing the fog go up. I thought about last night. About Luke and me actually talking. Hours passed. It wasn't before midday that Joanna came out of the tent. She wasn't so pretty without make up. She noticed me and nearly screamed.

„Were are they" she asked

„Gone. I'm with you now" I said.

She was nervous. She looked at me with so much hate. I was shoked.

„Your hair is so bad. It's too long that's out of fashion" she siad.

„It's better than yours today. You can use the car mirror to look at you" I smiled.

Joanna took a breath and came closer.

„Are you eating breackfast there are some sandwiches" I looked at her.

„To many calories" she sat oppsite to me.

„But you're skinny" I flet strange.

„Not every girl is so lucky like you" Joanna tried to get her hair into a ponytail.

„Come on who would starve for a figure. There are more important things than appearence" I was pitying her somehow.

„Says the girl that looks like a supermodel without make up and has a figure like one even if she eats as much sweets and fast food as Michael or Luke" Joanna was mad

„That's why you hate me so much. It's sick" I felt strange.

„Calum won't love you back. He might find you attractive but you're too young for him" Joanna looked away.

„What" I nearly fell on the ground.

„I know how you look at him with puppy eyes. The boys might be blind but I'm not" she was so mean.

„You're on drugs or so" I felt I need to hide my secret.

„Heve you heard about his sex affairs. He had three girls in one night. Can you imagine what they did" she smiled for the first time this morning.

I felt I want to run but the band was more important than my broken heart. It was for Luke. For his dream.

„He had sex in every city on tour. He loved blowjobs. He even made out with your father once or twice. Trust me I know all they dirty secrets." she looked me in the eyes. „Yesterday he wanted to fuck me too. That's why he stayed outside all night. He came to my tant when Ashton went on a walk. You don't belive me. I kicked him out. But he was begging me to give him a chance" she talked and I flet tears I barely could hold.

„Girls like me get every man they want. Girls like you can only drem about them. That's so pretty about this wold. Tell them I'm doing my nails" she said dissapearing in the tent.

I felt I want to run but I couldn't. I was sitting there fighting with my tears.

I thought about calling Luke. I took my phone out and found his name on the list but than I decided to text Ashton.

'Can you come'

I sen the text and waited. Half an hour later all four appeared on the glade.

Ashton looked at me and went to Luke he told him something on the ear and Luke came to me.

„Come, were going home" he was somehow sad.

„Sure" I went to the car and took my headphoned on.

A few seconds later Luke went into the car and started the engine.

We left the glade and I felt my first tears rolling. Luke wasn't asking for anything. I was so glad he left Calum in the forest.

It took us the whole day to get back. We reached the villa and I run upstairs. I took a shower and cuddled to my teddy. My phone was burning. Calum was texting and calling. So did Michael but I didn't answer. I felt I can't sleep and somehow the visions of Joanna and Calum mixed with the memories of my suffering mother in my head. I screamed opening my eyes. I took Marvin and left the room. I wasn't walking this corridor for four years. I heard my heart pounding when I went closer to the door of my parent's bedroom. I stopped at the door and took a breath. I knocked very lightly. But somehow he heard me and a second later I saw Luke's face in the door. His hair was messy.

„Tara what's up"

„I can't sleep. I'm dreamig about mum. She's alive in my dreams and I hate it" I felt I'm going to cry again.

„Oh Tara. Do you want me to sit with you. Watch a movie" Luke opened the door.

„Can I sleep here" I asked.

„Sure you can" Luke let me in. He was wearing sweatpants and he guickly took a long sleved shirt form his wardrobe and covered the rest of his body. I went to his bed and layed down still holding Marvin tight.

Luke sat on the sheets next to me.

„Can you sing for me as you did when i was little" I asked.

He smiled. He started to sing. I took his hand and hugged it tightly like I always did when I had nigthmares as a chlid.

I felt that Luke covered me better in the sheet and a blanket. He kept singing lullabays and their old hits. I felt so safe that I drifted in a dream. But this time without nightmares. Maybe he wasn't right last night on the rock about not being able to love. He loved me. I hoped so.

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<3 Erika

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