Luke's Daughter

Four yesrs ago they came and moved her stuff out of the house. He didn’t want it. He decided to destroy every memory of her. Except one. Me.


11. 10. Band trip

'I have a brilliant idea' I recived this text from Michael in the morning.

The four bandmates decided to get along better after the reunion and planned a roadtrip in the mountains. It was free fom school and Luke didn't know what to do with me bacuse Michael and Calum were going with him so he dicided to take me. Michael was going with Ashton and his wife, so me Calum and Luke made our way together far away from the city into the wilderness. It was very quiet in the car. Calum was pertendeing to sleep. He had his difficulties to be so close to me while Luke was there too. Luke was driving fast, his eyes hidden behind sunglasses. I listened to music in my headphones. We seemed like three persons that souldnt be in one car but because life's not fair we ended up here. 

After three hours we stopped on a empy carpark next to the beach. 

„Do you want some cookies and sandwiches Tara" Calum looked at me and smiled.

I felt my heart jumping. Calum blushed and started to look for food in his bagpack.

„I'll be back" Luke slammed the door and left the car.

he wasn't in the mood since last night. He had this breakdowns form time to time and I hated him even more than. He was getting so distant for days, weeks or months that it was impossible to be around him.

„I don't know what happend to him" Calum seemed to guess my thoughts "Here you are" he gave me the cookies.

„Thak you" I smied to him.

He leadned closer to me form the front sit. I moved to him and kissed him quickly. 

„It will be hard out there" he looked at me in a dreamy way. 

I could only see love in his chocolate eyes.

„I know" I felt his hand on my cheek.

„I love you Tara. I love you so much" he made me fleel so happy that I was about to explode.

But right now I somehow cloudn't enjoy the moment. I turned around to the window and saw Luke's tall figure far away on the beach.

It was a cloudy day and huge waves crushd on the shore.

„I'll be back" I said leaving the car and slamming the door.

I went down to the beach. It was kind of stony. It took me a while to get to Luke. He turend around when he noticed me.

„Shall we go" he asked.

I felt my words stopped when I met his blue eyes.

They were so full of pain.

„I miss her too" I said turning around and running to the car.

I shouldn't speak to him. It was a bad idea. My mum's face appeared in my mind and I felt even more pain. I couldn't remember how she looked like when she was healthy. I only saw the pure pain she became in her last days. I felt I'm cring. I reched the car and crushed into Calum. He haugged me thightly.

„I's ok Tara. It's hard but it's ok" he kissed my head.

I was crying in his shirt and again he menaged to calm me down. I just loved him so much. He was my angel. 

Few minutes later Luke came to the car.

I lookd at him still cuddled into Caulm's chest.

„Catch the keys Cal" Luke threw the keys to Calum.

„What are you..." Calum looked at him.

„Staying here" Luke went aroud the car.

„But" I let go of Calum „But you can't there's nothing here" I run to him.

„It's better for you to go without me" Luke took his bag out of the car.

„That's all you can do all your life. Run." I sceemed.

„Tara" Calum came to us.

„That's what you're good at. Ignoring me" I flet the tears were burning on my face.

„Calum take care of her" Luke ignored me again.

„Why are you doing this" Calum was shocked.

„You'll stay with uncle Calum and you'll do everythng he says." Luke took his bag and went down the highway.

I felt I want to run after him and hit him. 

„Tara, just, come" Calum grabbed my hand.

I was looking at Luke dissapearing behind a rock and I felt panic. I wanted to stopp him. To tell him thet I love him and that I was missing him all my life. 

„Come" Calum went to the car. 

I followd him. I took my hedphones and made the music louder. I was crying. Calum drove slowly and I saw his worried eyes in the mirror. He sent a few texts. We didn't speak. And after a few houres I stopped crying. It was dark when we reached a distant galde in the forest. The fire was burning here. I noticed Michael and Aston's wife. They were talking.

Calum left the car and opened my door. He took my hand in his and looked me i the eyes.

„Ok, I'm comming" I said taking my headphones off. 

I grabbed his hand tightly and went with him to the fireplace.

„Hello" mutterd Michael.

„Hi" Joanna smiled to us.

She was very pretty. Her long blone hair was glooming in the light of the fire. 

„Sit down tired people" Michael smiled.

„We were sitting for hours" mutterd Calum.

„Looks like you'll need to put up the tent in the darkness. I'll hepl you" Michael got up.

„I can hold the torch for you" I said lookieng at them.

„We'll let you know when we'll need your help" Calum smiled and let go of my hand.

He went to the car with Michael and the put the tent stuff out.

There were two tents on the glade already. One for Michael and one for Ashton nd Joanna. 

I never liked her much but Michael and Calum dissapeared in the darkness and I heard them loughing when they started to put up the tent. I sat on a big piece of wood and looked at Joanna. She smiled to me.

„How's school" she was always so starnge.

„Ok" I muttered looking at the fire.

Where was Luke, alone on the highway. Could he walk all the way back to Sydney.

„Your father should have left you sleepover at one of your friend's house. Thier parents would have taken care of you" Joanna smield loud „Instead he takes a little girl to a adults meeting. Calum's probably bored to deth by playing babysitter"

I felt I'm getting angry.

„Keep out of my stuff" I muttered.

„Och Tara, do you realy think they like you, Calum Michael and Ashton. They just pretend to be your „frinds" because of Luke. What subjects could they talk about with a kid like you"

I hated her so bad. She was never nice. Not even to Ashton. 

Ashtons car appeared on the glade and I flet taht he will free me from his wife. 

„So keep imagening they like you, little girl. In fact I think your father doesn't like you eather. You have on talent at all what a shame" Joanna loughed.

„I think you're talking about yourself"

I shivered when I heard Luke's deep voice right behind me. 

„What, exuse me" Joanna went red.

„And maybe Aston desn't like you too, who knows" I muttered.

„You're both the same." Joanna got up and run to Ashton.

When she dissapeared I felt starnge. 

„I'll help Michael to make the tent" I said getting up.

I didn't looke at Luke. I just run into the darkness to the two. This was the first time he actually defended me.

„Oh, looks like Ashton had found him" mutterd Michael. „Oh Tara"

„'ll hold the torch" I took it from Michael who wasn't happy because now he needed to hepl Calum with the tent.

„Can you take Luke to your tent" I asked him and Michel sighd.

„We'll be well behaved" I looked at Calum.

„I don't think it will work. The best way he will let you share the tent with Joanna" mutterd Michael.

I felt sick.

„I'd rather share the tent with a werewolf" I siad turning to the fire. 

Joanna was cuddled ito Ashton and smiled sweetly.

„I feel you Tara. I hate this woman too" siad Michael "But Aston always had a terrible taste. Not like Luke. Your mother was the loveliest person ever. I wish she could be here with us" Michael dissapeared in the tent.

I flet my throat is tight. I looked back to the fire. For a second I imagined my mum sitting there in Luke's arms. Both of them smileing. This happy vison made me cry. Non of us will ever be happy again, because she's gone. 

„Done" Calum was exausted but the tent was redy.

„Looks good" Michael smiled.

„What about you uncle. Can I sleep in your tent" I looked at him.

„I'm the lonely wolf Tara" Michel took the torch from me. „And don't act suspicious you and Calum"

„Sure" I looked at Calum.

He smiled to me.

We moved back to the fire and I sat close to Calum. We couldn't cuddle or touch but it was nice to feel him close to me.

„So what were you doing for ten years Calum. Hooking up" asked Joanna.

Michael got up and left to his tent. 

„I thought it should be a band runion and not my model wife spoils everyones mood camp" I said loud.

„You're a kid, you should be in bed now" said Joanna.

„I warned you once today, leave my daugther" mutterd Luke.

Joanna swallowed the next words.

"It was a joke" Ashton smiled in a fake way.

„I just want to know if Calum remembers how many girls he had fucked during the last ten years. The list was very long ten years ago" Joanna looked at    Calum 

I felt my stomach is moving. I knew Calum had a lot of groupies but did she realy had to talk about it. 

„Tara, let's go for a walk. We'll be back when mrs. Irwin wil find some class and manners" Luke got up.

„I'm sorry I used the word fucked in front of your kid" said Joanna.

I looked at Aston. He was red but he didn't say a world.

I looked at Calum. His cheeks were deeply red. I got up feeling that the thought of Calum with other girls is too much for me and went after Luke in the dark forest. 

He took Michaels torch and we found a muddy road through the trees. From time to time we heard noises. Birds and small animals. 

„Watch out your feet for snakes" muttered Luke.

I was silent. How many were they. The girls Calum slept with. 

„Is he, so bad when it comes to this... you know.. Calum.. what Joanna said" I asked.

„Joanna is a bad person" Luke kept walking. 

„But did Calum" I felt sick.

„Everyone makes mistakes. But I belive that one day when Calum will find the right person he will love her with all his heart" siad Luke.

I fely my cheeks are blushing. Was I this person for Calum. I wished.

„And what about you" I asked stopping.

„About me what" Luke kept moveing in front of me so he didn't notic that I stopped.

„How many have you... you know" I flet starnge. 

I was about to run back to Joanna.

„You won't trust me but... Your mum was the first and the last" Luke stopped.

I flet my heard skipping. How much had he loved her. 

„Are you comming" he asked.

„Yes" I flet I'm blushing.

We went to a big rock and I saw the ocean line in the darkness. The big waves were all black. 

Luke sat on the rock and turned the torch off.

„There are some dolphines here sometimes. But you won't see them at night" he siad.

I sat on the rock a little further form him.

„How would you react if I would ever have a boyfriend" I asked.

„It depends on how he would be like" mutterd Luke.

„Probably not right for you" I looked on the ocean.

„If he would treat you right, I guess I would accept it" Luke looked at me.

„You're lieng" I said.

If he would find out they its Calum. Actually he liked Calum. But Calum was too old for me, so...

„Why are you asking this question if you wouldn't belive me anyway" asked Luke.

„Because sometimes I wish that if you would allow me... I wouldn't be so afraid" I said.

Luke smield to himslef and I flet strange. 

We never talked like this. 

„Why don't you go on a date" I asked feeling I'm crossing the line.

„Realy" he looked at me „You know why"

„But she won't... she will never" I felt the tears comming again.

„I loved once. And I will never be albe to love like this again. It would be a lie, I would hurt me and this perosn if I try again" he looked at the ocean.

„So you want to be lonely for the rest of your life" I flet strange.

„Yes Tara. I want to see you grownig up being happy. I have my music" Luke took a breath.

„I think you're very brave. I don't know if I would be able to be alone forever" I siad feeling that the tears are close to roll down my cheeks.

„I hope you won't need to be alone" Luke looked at me. „Do you want to stay or you want to go back. Hope the bad witch is asleep now"

I smiled. We both hated Joanna equaly.

„Can I sleep in uncle Michel's tent" I asked.

„You, don't want to shere a tent with me it's fine, I understand it but it's either me or Joanna, sorry" Luke looked at me.

I considerd it for a while. Joanna was so horrible. But Luke was so complicated. I looked at my father. At least he will keep quiet if I won't ask any qustions. Joanna might tell me some details about Calum's love life and this would be to much. 

„Ok I'll stay with you. At lest you're not snoring" 

„Great. If the tent's a bad idea we an take our sleepingbags here it's a huge rock. We can sleep far away form eachother" Luke smiled.

„That's a gret idea" I smiled to.

We got up and made our way to the galde. The fire was smaller and Calum found a place on the grass next to it. I wondered if he and Joanna argued. I heard Joanna snoreing from her tent and Ashton turning around. He neede to stand it every night. But it was his choice. We took the sleepingbags and went back to the rock. I found a palce on the let side while Luke layed down about five meters from me on the right. I didn't know if he was sleeping. I watched the stars. Small planes comming and being chased by their own sound taht was never able to catch them. The waves were crushing on the beach. I wished I colud see the dolphines. For the first time since my mum died I flet so peaceful. I knew she was watching us somewhere form a place beyond the stars. She missed us too. I guess. I hoped. I turned to Luke. He was laying with his back to me.

„Godnight daddy" I whispered so silent that he couldn't hear me. 

I layed on my back again and followed another plane. Finally I fell asleep listening to the ocean.


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