the adventure of George Potter

George Edward Potter is Harry Potter's twin brother. No-one knows about him until he joins Hogwarts in his forth year. And what will happen when his name gets picked out to partsipate in the Tri-wizard tournament.


1. Getting his letter for Hogwarts.

My name is George Potter I am 14 my brother is the Harry Potter. I have a lightning scar on my back.My brother went to this school called Hogwarts  when he was 11  and I wish I could go.

"There's a letter for you!" Remus Lupin his godfather called.

"Coming!!!" I yelled to my werewolf friend.

"Yey it's from Hogwarts!" I yelled.

He told his godfather he took him to diagon alley they got everything he needed I went home slept then the next day he went for the train.

"Do you know where platform 9 and 3/4 is?" I asked a red hedded family who had a boy with hair like mine (must be harry).

"Yes just run straight through the brick wall." Commented the red hedded plump woman.

"Thanks", I replied.

"It was nice on the train I got hit by malfoy when we arived i got sorted even thow I was in year 5."

"Grifindoor!" shouted the sorting hat

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