Dear Lucky

This is my diary that you guys can read. I will try to update everyday...


2. 8th May 2015

Dear Lucky, 

Today, Mr Ex-Boyfriend asked me if I wanted to get back with him. I couldn't believe. I know that he's probably just trying to use me so of course I said no. No one's gonna use me, especially not after how he made me feel last night. I had just about given up last night, ready to die and whatnot. But hey, I'm here. I spent the day with my best friend, the bestest friend anyone could ever have. We're great together, do everything together. It's great! We both got 'done' today for not doing our R.E. homework. Well sorry but I doubt I can do homework when I'm crying over the fact I'm a bad person, now can I? People just don't understand sometimes. They really don't. 

Other than Mr Ex-Boyfriend getting back in touch with me, today was rather boring. You know, typical teenage day. Now all I want to do is sit and write. But I have a severe case of writers block... 


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