Isabella Gilinsky *jack Gilinsky, Bethany Mota Fanfic*

Isabella is in for the ride of her life


9. Your in for a surprise!

Alana POV


Stepping off the bus taking a seat on the benches holding a picture of Isabella and Jack the love of the life thought i was dead for 10 years this sucked big time. Seeing Jack’s smile as he held our baby girl broke my heart. Then another picture of us holding her on our wedding day at the beach.


Wiping away the tears from a long time ago, clutching my brown bag walking away seeing a missed call from Lauren she was going to pick me up soon. I never died i just had to leave everybody behind for one not having Isabella made me go crazy. Jackie got me in this freak accident with Sammy a ex of mine.


“Yes Kayla i am at the front!”


Seeing my best friend pull up with her husband and 5 year old boy Dane in the back waving to me. Waving to them getting in the back seat kissing Dane’s cheek and hugging Lauren, Johnson dang they still looked stunning as ever.


Darn 16 years of being together they make my heart skip a beat and they have 3 kids the older two were twins about the same age of Isabella.


“Well hello guys! Long time no see” I say it’s been an year been staying up at Canada with my older sister.


“Hey boo thang! We missed you dearly now get buckled in, let’s go to mi casa”


Hannah Hector:

I hope you got to Florida safe baby sister, if anything goes bad just call me.



Yes Hannah i got there safe thanks for all the support couldn't have done it without! Love you very much tell James I miss him already


Putting my phone away, seeing a old picture of Lauren, I in the 11th grade hugging each other, Johnson and Sammy*He had his arm around them both*, Jack in the background smiling. Those were the times before all that drama started, David my best friend come to me back in California.




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