Isabella Gilinsky *jack Gilinsky, Bethany Mota Fanfic*

Isabella is in for the ride of her life


10. Chapter 9.

Isabella POV


Jackson yelled through the door of the bathroom to tell me to get a move on. I’ve been staying with them for two days what a drag. I’ve dogged Jack, Sam, and Toby for the weekend this was stupid.


“OKay i am coming out shut up already!” I laugh flipping my brown hair behind my shoulder walking past Jackson “Okay now let me see your phone please and thank you buddie”


Jackson tossed me his new version of the apple Iphone that have been around for a long time. Lost count in all the phone they got for pete's sake this is something is. Tapping on one of those old apps called facebook, the kids at my school still use it.


Signing into mine seeing new messages from who”


Toby Wilkinson (45)


Blake Caniff (12)


Camilla Wilkinson (50)


I was going to open none of them all because they’ll know i’d read it or something. But i had a little bit of the message.


Toby Wilkinson: Isabella where the fuck are you??........*


Blake Caniff: Everybody is looking for you Isabella including my dad…..*


Camilla Wilkinson: Girl please tell me you're safe….*


I logged out wanting to cry i miss seeing Toby, Blake’s crazy puma face as he calls it, Camilla her fashion senses rocked hard core. Most importantly Jack he was my father and all so i should come back.


“Mr. Espinosa?” I say shyly poking my head out in his opened door home office


“Please call me Matt! What's up kiddo?”


“Okay Matt umm….i think it’s time for me to head back” I look at Matt, he chuckled “Yes it is time i’ll get the car out get your stuff, tell Jackson bye...he seemed happy to have you to hang out since his mother died things went downhill”


Nodding my head to him grabbing my purple bag from the ground of Jackson’s room. He stepped out from the bathroom not paying attention to me what's so ever. Coughing a little getting his full attention for a change.


“Oh sorry Isabella….” He stops talking when he sees the bag slung over my shoulder. “And your leaving huh?”


“Yes sadly Jack i mean my dad is worried about me for two days...It was nice getting to hang out with you for a change instead of punching the living crap outta you!”




Sitting in the passenger seat of Matt’s white Jeep hearing hums of Ariana Grande through out the car. Seeing Jackson looking out the window sad, that made me even feel worser than before. Uncle Sam house was just up the street, Jack’s black jeep sat on the curb with another car.


The car come to an unruly stop in front of the house, I smiled at Matt and Jackson saying my goodbyes. Jackson said he’d walk me to the front door, explain some things with his dad. Hopping out the car with Matt, Jackson behind me. Standing at the door frame about to knock when the door swung open.


“ISABELLA!” Yells Sam with everybody behind them. Engulfing in a big group hug which felt good.


Toby come running down the stairs with red puffy eyes, When he saw me he started to cry again. “Izzy i missed you so much don’t you ever leave me i mean us again”


“You too Tobbers!”


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