Isabella Gilinsky *jack Gilinsky, Bethany Mota Fanfic*

Isabella is in for the ride of her life


7. Chapter 7.

Jack POV


“This is all your fault Jackie…...Bella is gone no where to be seen.” I say blankly it’s been 1 hour since Bella has been gone.


“No it’s not shut the fuck up or get shot”


“I’m going to find my daughter not yours so move out the fucking way” I walk around her going to the front door not wanting to be near that bitch. Making my way to the car i come in seeing Isabella’s phone on the seat, her stuff damn. Her phone lit up from a lot of texts from a Toby kid oh god Sam’s son. Dialing Sam’s number on my iphone and he picked up on the first ring very worried.


“Jack..where is isabella ?Toby told me he’d go out to find her with Caniff’s boy Blake”


“Dude i don't know either…..I’ll be over there in a bit just stay calm sammy i know you can’t get over Alana dying and Isabella is the only thing you have to remember Alana by we are going to find her”


Racing the car through the streets pulling in the driveway of Sam’s and i got into the house seeing Andrea his wife. She never really liked me that’s why Sam and I lost touch.


Once i got there it was all hell with Sam yelling at Andrea and her yelling back at him. She was so annoying half the time god help them.


“I don't wanna hear it Andrea! Your always being a bitch lately why i am still with you” Sam says yelling with Andrea’s face mad as hell


“No i am not Samuel!…..WHy do i even stand here arguing with your stupid ass”


“I'm done with you Andrea 15 years of pure nothing...maybe they were right about you” Then Andrea started to cry putting her head down turning away from Sam who was feeling really guilty for yelling at Andrea, saying all that “Sweetie i'm so sorry i didn't mean to say that to you. I love you so much”


But Andrea swat his arms away crying some more turning on her gold scandals looking at her diamond ring sliding it off her finger sitting it on the table. She walked up to their room not saying a word to anybody else. Sam knocked over the million dollar lamp watching it crash to the ground with a loud bang.


“Jack i fucked up…...She was my everything now she gives me back the ring what now…”


“Dude don't beat yourself up just talk to her….”


Toby walked in with Blake trying to fight back the tears as he threw his jacket off him, Blake shook his head. Toby got out his phone scrolling through it trying to call Isabella but he didn't know her phone was with me.


Taylor come walking in with his 6 year old little girl Jayden with long brown hair, brown eyes like her dad.


“We looked where she could be but nothing sorry Jack maybe tomorrow we'll look I gotta get Jayden to sleep for the night.” Taylor says placing Jayden off his hip and letting her run to Sam who got a few hugs.


“I’ll take you to Camila room for the night she’ll watch you for the night little cutie!” He takes her to his daughter’s room who’s 12 years old.


Sam comes back down telling Toby, and Blake to head upstairs for the night. Who knew this was gonna happen.

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