Isabella Gilinsky *jack Gilinsky, Bethany Mota Fanfic*

Isabella is in for the ride of her life


5. Chapter 5.

Jack Gilinsky POV


Isabella looks so like her mom from the last time i seen her it was crazy if only Alana was here to see her baby girl 14 years old. She was in a freak accident after Bella was giving away from us it was so crazy i’d cry myself to bed the love of my life was gone for good. Sam had left for his career so did Nate and Johnson who ended up marrying Kayla they live in Florida such a great place to live i think. Havent talk to Johnson in the last month since i got back in L.A. to get back my baby girl.


After Isabella got back from talking to her friend it was off to drop off my babygirl like i meant to do her whole life. It was hard to see Bella go away into her house but it opened quickly and Jackie come out and I stepped out waving towards her but she looked pissed does she think i killed Alana??


“Well goodbye Isabella!’ i say smiling at her giving her a hug, she hugged back “Bye bye Jack same time again tomorrow?” i nodded my head


“Isabella can you go inside for a minute?” Bella nodded heading into the house waving goodbye to me kinda sad.


“Jack why are you here?  you don't need to be here your messed up in the head like everybody else in this group…..”


“First off Jackie she is my fucking daughter okay i have my rights your not here mother Alana is! You may be a mother figure for her but deep down you know what you did was wrong Bella should've been with Kayla not your crazy ass” I said looking into her eyes just to think i trusted her with my baby girl she is brain washing her with her lies i told Alana to give her to Kayla and Johnson. Jackie was the one to lie right in our faces.


Alana owe Jackie something and it was to have Isabella but i wasn't having it she was working for Vance this whole time. Jackie let David die that night with things Alana was never the same after that or what i saw.


“No jack Isabella isn't gonna be seeing you anymore she is mine okay Isabella Alana Robinson not Gilinsky bud….You just think you can just come back and think it’s going to be alright no it's not your just to blind to see it! That girl is mine”


I clenched my jaw balling up from fist looking at her in pure digest just to think i was friends with her. Jackie had been hiding the truth from all of us that she was with Vance the whole time, she was gonna kill Alana.


Alana was my everything till that night of her she was pregnant around the time and nobody knew besides me and Kayla.


“Your such a bad person you make me wanna throw up………….I had nothing to do with Lana’s death that day and your ass knows it. David was Lana’s best friend and you took that very little happiness she had left in her.”


I walked off heated more than anytime i’d ever been ever in my whole life.’


Looking at the dashboard seeing a picture of Alana and I my hands were cupping her face while we kissed and another of us in the car coming from starbucks. Those picture were so old but i didn't care they made me happy that I at least got to be with her and took care of her instead of using her. Nothing seemed right without Lana making everyday fun even if it was a rainy day or something.





Alana and I layed on her bed with our legs intertwined and just laughing up a storm it was before she went missing. Sam had been dealing with some music stuff but i was done with it no more Jack and Jack it was hard to let go but it had to be done.


“Jack Oh mi gosh do you remember when Kayla hit her toe that one day at Johnson’s!?!” Lana said giggling it was great to see her happy again.


“Yes babe i do it was hella funny but she broke her what the fuck was it her damn big toe!!” I said giving her a small peck on the lips then to her jawline. My hands went down to her stomach making little circles she was ticklish there haha.


She was relaxing on my chest not laughing what was wrong did Jackie do something again? Lana let out a sigh not taking her eyes off me about to cry.


“Lana what’s up with ya?”


“Jack don’t get mad at me but am pregnant….”


I thought for a moment trying to figure out why was i not saying anything we did it for the first time a month ago. I was only 18 when Lana told me and i couldn’t be any happier and i wrapped my arms around her


“I would never be mad at you we’re in this together forever and always! I love you Lana you're the best thing to happen to me.”


*Flashback ends*


I had another Daughter Maria but she lived with her mom she was 16 years old just 2 years older than Isabella i’ve meet her. Maybe i need to step up my room little did i know Maria was in La for a modeling gig and she works for awesomeness tv.


Maria G-dawg: Hey Daddy! Im in La for a few days wanted to see if you wanted to come over for a little it's always nice to see you…..


Jack: Yes sweetie i’ll come over be there in 20 ya know traffic Maria love ya bunches!


Maria: K daddy love you too can't wait to see you plus i got good news!


Making my way to Maria’s place with her mom they own in La i love going there brings me to a happier place am sure Maria has seen Isabella around school. Maria was sitting outside wearing a blue sweater that went a little over her right shoulder and jean shorts, white vans. Maria hair was in a side braid and a lot of bracelets on.


Maria saw me pull up into the driveway she got up running towards me holding into me tight crying it has been an a few months.


“Daddy i missed you so much!” She says in between sobs and i put her down looking at her closely taking in her features hair like me and and chin, eyes like her mom a bright blue which looked like Nash a lot who doesn’t talk to me anymore we got in a fight a few years back.


“Yes baby girl same! Was in town for awhile which i think i’ll be living here for now”

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