Isabella Gilinsky *jack Gilinsky, Bethany Mota Fanfic*

Isabella is in for the ride of her life


4. Chapter 4.

Toby and I got the school bus that day sitting next to me which he never does his friends push him away from me. One of the other boys named Jackson was Matthew Espinosa’s son, he was really cool tries to stop the others from being jerks to me.


“Izzy don't listen to them okay” Toby says taking my hand holding it showing me a cheeky smile


“I know Toby..” I say blankly




heading in the school taking my spot in the empty staircase sitting for a good 10 minutes before somebody took a sit by me, i looked up at the person it was Jackson he never talks to me


“Hi there Isabella. Why do you come here everyday i don't know why people say  you're crazy i’ve known you since i was real little you were the craziest kid there was and that was a good thing. “


Jackson was about as close as a friend i had around here besides Toby, Mr. Espinosa i’ve seen him in a dream before it's crazy.


“People think i'm crazy Jackson i see this dream where some couple and a little baby girl get a unpleasant night i cry it seems so real. The guy in the dream i saw him the other day i feel like he knows something about me”


I  cant deal with people they make me wanna hit people and I got up walking away from Jackson and he followed me through the raging halls.


“Get away Jackson please you're making it worse” I whine continuing to walk away from him


Jackson yanked my hand turning me around and I slammed fist into his face seeing him fall to the ground. I quickly turned around running away bumping into people shoulder getting the usally watch out dork and etc. Going outside of the school looking around to see no one and i was out of the school’s grounds.


There was this little meadow area where i would go to as a little kid still to this day. Sitting down at this log taking in the meadow again. My mom was gonna be mad at me for punching Jackson Espinosa that was a no no his mom would freak at me. His dad would step in telling it was no biggie he understood me more than anybody else.


“What are you doing here missy!?!” laughed somebody from behind a tree it was Jack from the other day he is still here


“Oh hi Jack i needed some air ya know…...My mom has been keeping things from me and i know it. I just wanna see my dad or something i just wanna see what he looks like”


Jack took a seat by me “Isabella your dad is like you the same hair, same fashion sense haha he used to wear long black shirts, grey pants, vans. He would be proud of you very much for your strength he wish he had it back then”


I looked back at him smiling uncle Sammy would tell me about my dad but Jack seemed to know more about my dad than anybody. “Can you tell me more?”


“Well he was only 19 when he had you with your mother they didn't have the great life, some people can’t get over things haha….. Anyway he used to sing a lot of time which his friend thought was annoying as heck. Also your dad was a great dancer with his best friend they even made an album it didn't get too far but it was sick kinda like Big Sean meets Ariana Grande which i think is the greatest couple ever have you seen their babies girl let me tell ya something!”


I was dying of laughter when Jack told me that i guess my dad was really awesome



Jack told me all those things and i was happy somebody told me about my dad he has to be at least 30 or so. Jack took to this yogurt places that he went to as a teeneger with one of his closet friend Alana which is kinda weird i have a aunt Alana. We talked for an hour until Toby come in with Cat the most beautiful girl at Los Angeles high school she was related to the one and only Nash Grier the most powerful man in the world ever since he was 16 that boy was famous. Toby was laughing with her and I looked a little longer with tears forcing to come out but i Jack looked back not to happy.


“Do you like that boy?” Jack asked turning back to be


“Yeah, i know Jack i need to stop liking his about the only thing i have right now my mom doesn’t even understand”


“No you should just walk up there and show up! Let him see what he's missin ya know thats how i got the heart of my wife well ex wife for 14 years tho”


“Im sorry jack well imma take your advise and show up! Your kinda like a dad to me ya know Jack i love you dweeb” I say giving him a hug walking off to Toby and Cat.


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