Isabella Gilinsky *jack Gilinsky, Bethany Mota Fanfic*

Isabella is in for the ride of her life


3. Chapter 3.


I didn't want to face anybody at school  i didn't fit in with the other kids i never did. I used to be a really hyper kid but i would see the other kids playing around with the others and that dream would pop with and i’d scream running to hid in a closet. My mom would have to come to the school to get me out of the closet. *Man of steel moment lol*


The kids in my class would crowd the closet when my mom tried to get me out of the closet, the adults would talk about my mom saying she was a bad parent or bad things. She would try to tell them i was normal not a crazy kid and that it was just a misunderstanding. I walked home after school that day walking past Toby’s house seeing this man with dark brown hair, a good jawline and wearing a grey shirt,red flannel and dark jeans and boots.


We bumped into each other he locked eyes with me wait was he that guy from the dream. We shared some features this is crazy.


“Sorry for bumping into you sir i gotta watch where i'm going haha! May i ask you something just off topic” I say laughing a little and the man smiled nodding looking at me longer


“What's your name?’


“My name is Jack and i know you Isabella. May i say you look like your mother it's crazy huh wow crazy same  twinkling brown eyes sorry about that” When Jack said that i froze my mom and me don't look the same i’ve look 10 millions time before nothing huh thats weird


“You know me” I say choking at the end, the guy nodded laughing his laugh was familiar what the heck is going on i remember that laugh from when i little


“Your Jackie Robinson daughter she is one of mine best friend well was we all lost contract i just come to visit for awhile then back to Nebraska”


No wonder he looked familiar and his laugh i wish my mom would tell me about some of her friends.    


This is the story of Alana Hector and Jack Gilinsky (By the way i have the another story releated to this it's just on wattpad)  daughter Isabella who is about to be the ride of her life. Finding out the women that raised her isn't her real mother and meeting her real dad. Things start to make sense in her life but their little reunion gets cut short when danger comes back for Alana and Jack who broke up after giving Isabella up it's been 14 years since giving Isabella.


Then Toby one of her long time friends come into the mix he's always been there to protect Isabella that was his job. He loves Isabella more than anything then when things seems to go bad they all lose what matters most to them Isabella.

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