Back in Time

Rosalie, Hermione and Madelyn Granger all get sent back to the Marauders era. After meeting the younger versions of the marauders what will they think......


3. new identities

Madelyn's P.O.V


"We should think of new identities." I said to Mione and Rosa after Jas and Kat had left.

"Why?" Asked Mione.

"I thought you were the smart one," I grumbled, "we make new identities cause we won't want anyone knowing anything about the real us." They looked excited.

"I'll be Ariana Indigo Gabrielle Hollis Prior," Rosalie said.

"I'll be Delphine Hestia Luna Prior." I said.

"I'll be Ashlee Ginevra Fleur Prior." Hermione said.

"Hello dears can you tell us about yourselves?" Asked Dorea as everyone crowded around curiously.

"I'm Delphine Hestia Luna Prior. I'm 11 and I'm a pureblood. My other siblings Aimee-Leigh, Gabrielle, Cassandra and Benjamin all go to Beauxbatons. We are from France but don't have an accent. You can call me Delphi." I told them explaining that we lived in the forest since we were 6.

"I'm Ashlee Ginevra Fleur Prior. I'm 11 and I am also a pureblood. You can call me Ash." Mione said.

"And I'm Ariana Indigo Gabrielle Hollis Prior. I'm 11," Rosa said. She looked like she'd been crying. She ran upstairs crying and so did 'Ash'.

"Ari, Fuinseog!" I yelled in Irish (Ari, Ash) they all looked confused.

"Dul amach! (go away!)" They screamed back.

"I know you miss Harry and Ron. I miss Draco you know!" I yelled at them.

"It's just what happens if I..I k..killed them?" Rosa cried.

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