Back in Time

Rosalie, Hermione and Madelyn Granger all get sent back to the Marauders era. After meeting the younger versions of the marauders what will they think......


1. Intro

*I don't own any of the characters apart from unrecognisable ones I also don't the picture*


Madelyn Hannah Granger:


Madelyn is 17 like her sisters Isadora and Hermione.

She has brown hair, brown eyes and a platinum blonde streak in her hair.

Madelyn is dating Draco Malfoy.

There dad is actually a wizard so they are half-bloods.

Madelyn is loyal, shy, smart, geeky, helpful and brings out the nice side of Draco.

She is in Ravenclaw.


Rosalie Anya Granger:


Rosalie is 17.

She naturally golden-blonde hair and brown eyes but she is a metamorphous  

Rosalie is dating Harry Potter.

She is a half-blood.

Rosalie is smart, loyal, aggressive, bossy, sly, cunning, friendly, brave.

She is in Slytheren.


(Hermione is dating Ron)


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