The thoughts Of Me

So this is for that diary competition thing and I already do have a journal thing so this will be a more edited version of my life.......So yeah have fun reading and my life is really crazy right now so yeahhhhh


4. May 9 2015

So today I woke up and it's one of those days when you just feel like shit. When almost everything you've been through in life just all came up at once. To make it worse though my cat sweetly walked up to me and sat by my face, and at that moment I cried. No not because I'm weak and I just can't take feeling like shit, because my cat was the only nice gesture through this all. Through my mind I think through every possibility and just realized that I have great friends. I have friends scattered all around stereotypical groups that surprisingly I have in my middle school. I didn't just cry for that though, my cat is dying, just slowly. That was one of the things that tipped me over the edge of depression and made me realized the bad things in life, I was so oblivious before. It's actually 8:00 in the morning so the day definitely is not over and definitely not to a good start. Today I get my phone back so I will definitely  write on that maybe on the way home since it's a long ride home and my car has built in WiFi, just a warning though I write proper when I'm typing on a keyboard because I'm used to doing that but I don't on my phone because I text a lot and nobody uses correct grammar when they text so I'll try my best or wait to get home because today is Saturday and I don't have to get up early tomorrow.

So obviously I didn't get my phone, so hopefully I will get it this week before I go to cedar point and I will obviously tell you guys, I can't even believe I've been so constant and up to date with this thing.  I didn't take a shower like I wanted courtesy of my father so I had Abby's kik on my arm with sharpie, so I got yelled at. This is actually the next day, crazy right O.0 and it's okay so far I mean at least normal write later yo's.....

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