The thoughts Of Me

So this is for that diary competition thing and I already do have a journal thing so this will be a more edited version of my life.......So yeah have fun reading and my life is really crazy right now so yeahhhhh


3. May 8 2015

Today was a pretty stressful day as no one listened to me, and I can kind of feel the side effects of not being able to eat as much. I felt dehydrated so I drank a lot of water and it didn't do any thing, I think I'm all right though because I still drank a lot of water and I tried to eat as much as I can.

So now about the people not listening to me thing, I was on the laptop that I am writing on currently and my sister said I was on it to ling so she waited 15 minutes for my mom to get a break off of work to tell my mom and of course she gets whatever she wants and she got it and 7 minutes later she got bored so got off of it, HOW WAS THAT EVEN FUCKING WORTH IT. I was sitting there trying to make social interactions for once and my sister threw a fight just to got on a stupid game for 7 minutes.

Then I was trying to find my flip flops and it ended up that that same sister was wearing them. She is YEARS younger than me and the shoes were so big, so I asked her to give them back and I ended up trying to chase he for nothing, my dad yelled at me and I had to give the shoe I back to my sister after trying to look for it for about 20 mins.

Then she got jealous because I was on MY laptop again and wanted to play it and started a fight that the spoiled bitch knew she would win and said that I could read on her tablet instead of the laptop, the laptop is really the only interesting electronic thingy I have at the moment since I have to still get me phone that I get tomorrow so I would probably have more detailed writings then. So then she "Just learned" that she broke her tablet because she hid it under her pillow case for like three months. It was a good working tablet and it wasn't the upper brand because our family isn't very wealthy like that, but she doesn't really care about that I'm usually the one who does and requests all of apple brands and the expensive ones because their all high quality and last longer, I've had an iPhone 4 ever since they first came out because our family had a lot of extra money that day and I needed a phone. So she was being irresponsible and kept it in her pillow case and it cracked from UNDER the screen which is weird but anyways the touch screen didn't work and she claimed she did not know.

This one is childish but I was in a lazy irritated mood so I got really mad. So for Christmas I got a purple electric scooter because I want a four wheeler which are super expensive but my grandma has a couple and one of them is officially mine because I love to ride them but I can't take it home and I don't go to my grandma's often. So my sister ran off with mine because she was again irresponsible and didn't charge hers. I needed to down the street to pick up something I dropped down the street kind of from walking home from the bus stop which is only about 2 minutes long. I didn't know where she was and she totally drained the battery in 30 minutes. So I yelled at her losing my cool and she started to cry as I started to throw things.

I have a very short temper and I get mad easily but not this bad easily. I was already stressed from thinking other things through so I lost it surprisingly quicker than usual for a depressed, stressed, bipolar 12 year old. I am usually a very behaved child in public but I let go of all my anger when I'm home alone and nobody can really find out.

There is also the very last dance for school which is a neon dance that starts at 6:30 and ends at 8:00, my dad said it was too late for some reason but my mom said I might be able to go, just I wanted to spend the night at one of my friends house because after that we are all in a group to go to Cedar Point together and thought it would be fun if we spent almost the whole weekend together since we never all hung out together outside of school because I never was aloud to go to my friends house and maybe still not be able to. They are also following me around during the Cedar Point trip because I can't go any where without an adult I've met and trust, I've met my friend Abby's dad and he's nice, but apparently I can't be trusted even on a class trip so I can't go and joke around with my friends because my mom will pull me away from my friends so she doesn't feel awkward drinking in front of Abby's dad, I'm going to put up a fight because I only wanted to go to hang out with my friends and I don't want to leave them and then my sisters are going to annoy us so much at least one of them won't be tall enough to go on the rides and the other will be to much of a wussy bitch to not go on any of them so I can just have a good time with my friends maybe....

That's all it I'll write tomorrow and it's not the worst but I guess enough to tip me off the edge soooo comment if you have any questions and like and stuff I guess.  

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