The thoughts Of Me

So this is for that diary competition thing and I already do have a journal thing so this will be a more edited version of my life.......So yeah have fun reading and my life is really crazy right now so yeahhhhh


2. May 7 2015

3:27 PM 

So today was an okay day. I told my best friend Abby (Abby has been my best since fifth grade and she gave me the nickname Rat because the shape of my teeth and she is crazy so just keep this in mind when I write more things about her, so is very attached to me though its hilarious and she isn't even shy so she really has no reason to be. I really don't mind though.) that I'm Bipolar. I just got diagnosed or whatever like two or three days ago and I wasn't talking since then. When I actually feel depressed I don't talk in fear of crying. I know pathetic but whatever. Usually my friends ask me whats going on and I just ignore them and then feel guilty so I have to ask to got to the bathroom and I calm down and I usually go to the same one around my school and I usually go in the same stall just to clarify that for the future. 

So I was diagnosed with type Bipolar 2 and there is two kinds, there is the happy kind and the depressed kind. I unfortunately have both we figured out which is you can feel happy and depressed at the same time, which is sometimes okay because I can cover up my depressed mood from my friends. 

I just remembered I have to tell you about my teeth. They are super crooked so I need to get braces but first I need to get teeth pulled. The reason why they are crooked and even some of them are in the wrong place is because they tried to knock out the baby teeth and couldn't so they just kind of went back up and grew in through my gums. I also have glasses which I don't mind at all really but I want contacts and I have to wait until I'm 13 to get them so I have like three or four months to wait.

I also don't cut but tried many times. So now most of you are going to leave and say she isn't depressed she doesn't cut, but not all depressed people cut. I can't really because I pass out at the sight of blood...... But I guess that's okay because I am not capable of doing that so I will stay clean. 

I had a unusually normal day today but it's not over yet, which is why I have the time above so I might just publish this now and if anything interesting happens then I'll update.

Oh I am going on a field trip to cedar point (which is a amusement park to those who don't know) with my choir class and the band class is also going so I signed up to be in a group with Abby and Olivia (Olivia has been my friend in fourth grade but we slowly got closer in fifth grade and she also calls me HER Rat, which ends up in mini fights between her and Abby because she calls me her Rat too) so I am going there on the 16th.

I also need to tell you about my phone which I dropped and cracked so I gave it to my grandma to get it fixed and I get it back this weekend because my family is going out there for mothers day.

So now this is the end for now comment if you have any questions or anything like that I don't know. 

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