The thoughts Of Me

So this is for that diary competition thing and I already do have a journal thing so this will be a more edited version of my life.......So yeah have fun reading and my life is really crazy right now so yeahhhhh


11. May 16 2015

Today I went to Cedar Point and this is actually long and worth to write to so I guess if you keep reading I'll keep riding.

So the ride to the concert thing was long and then we performed and my Mom and Dad were late so they didn't get to see me perform but we still got a gold and so did seventh and eighth grade band and eighth grade band performed 21 guns by Green Day and I actually haven't heard this song but it was sweet the way the performed it. And me and my friend Olivia went to get my parents because they looked like they were looking for me and she laughed at my Dad so hard because my Dad had his sunglasses on his head and she said he looked gay. I wasn't mad, I laughed so hard actually.

Then the McDonalds we were supposed to go to was packed so we didn't go there and we had to eat at Cedar Point, I only had seven dollars so Abby's mom had to buy my food until my Mom found us and she payed her back. 

We went on the Iron Dragon and screamed our heads off on purpose, then we went on the Millenium Force which was my first big roller coaster and we though I was going to slip out and die so we all hugged all the way up the stairs saying stuff like "I'm sorry I dragged you onto this ride." "I love you so much." " I'll miss my Rat when she dies" so I lived obviously and then they went on the Rougarou and I didn't go on because I was kinda dizzy from the ride before and it went upside down and I didn't want to go upside down, then they ended up saying that that was the best ride they went on the whole time and I wanted to go on it again but I didn't get to. Then we went on the Corkscrew and I loved that one. We scared the shit out of these two boys in front of us because we told them that there was a loose wheel and that it skips at the end and most of the time it made it. We also had a nice conversation going up the hill. Then we went on the Gemini and I have a big bruise from a really jerky part were I hit my knee. Me and Abby turned around and said sorry to the people behind us for the very very colorful language. Up the hill it sounded like it was a shooting it was so loud. Then we went on the Magnum which was the last ride we went on together. It was the most I cussed in two minutes. All the way up the first hill all you could hear was "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck" but down the hill was "I'm gonna fucking die, I'm gonna fucking slip out and die". The reason I thought I was going to die was because my seat belt wasn't tight enough so I asked the guy who worked there to tighten it for me and he said it was made for bigger people. I think I scared him away because I yelled "I'm gonna fucking die, say your fucking good byes now." and Olivia next to me the whole time screamed "Holy fucking shit" and it was hilarious but I couldn't laugh because I was totally convinced I was going to die. 

I didn't go on any more rides with my family because I knew I was going to cuss and probably get in trouble but I did go on one ride with my sister and she let me cuss without telling my parents and then we went on this other ride so I put my head down all of it so I wouldn't get scared and scream. Then we left so that's it for that one and this was actually pretty long.

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