The thoughts Of Me

So this is for that diary competition thing and I already do have a journal thing so this will be a more edited version of my life.......So yeah have fun reading and my life is really crazy right now so yeahhhhh


10. May 15 2015

So far today is a normal day but my friend Jenice (Jenice has been my best friend since third grade and we have matching/kind of not matching nickname, hers is Jelly and mine is sour cream. They are kind of weird but they have a meaning to us so don't judge.) thought that the dance was right after school and brought money so I went and picked her up and we walked around half the time looking for our friend Amber ( Me and Amber aren't really friends we just talk in group chats Jenice puts us in) and then we found glow sticks (It was a glow themed dance) that were bitten open on the bleachers so we polka dotted our shirt with it and I accidentally smelled to much of it and I swear I got a little bit woozy

So for the rest of the time I did dance for once but it would have been more fun with Amber there.

I also learn that one of the so called "Popular" people is my cousin and I feel so bad now because I thought at least I never even seen her in my life, I didn't even know her name and we used to go swimming together when we were little so I felt sooooo bad.

Write tomorrow.

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