The thoughts Of Me

So this is for that diary competition thing and I already do have a journal thing so this will be a more edited version of my life.......So yeah have fun reading and my life is really crazy right now so yeahhhhh


29. June 28 2015

Today I realized that I'm broken. No not depressed because I noticed that ages ago. That I'm broken, I can't feel emotions as much as I used to. Not even pain. Worry. Happiness. It might have become such a habit to block those things out that I don't even realize I'm doing it. They ask me how I'm feeling. I never had an answer. I didn't know.

Their watching me now and it's so pressuring and that makes it worse. I don't dare tell them though in case I have a breakdown in the middle of words. It's why I don't talk anymore. It's only been a day though. I'll start talking soon.

There was a flood where I live and everyone was scared and worried. Do you know what I felt? Emptiness. Simply nothing but emptiness. I felt out of place in my family. My house almost got taken out and my friends knew that it happened and they never said anything. They never asked me if I was alright. They never asked if my house was alright. Or if my yard was fucked up or anything.


I felt nothing.

Why does this happen?

Write later

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