The thoughts Of Me

So this is for that diary competition thing and I already do have a journal thing so this will be a more edited version of my life.......So yeah have fun reading and my life is really crazy right now so yeahhhhh


32. August 18 2015

You know that feeling that you get when you just want to feel productive? Or maybe when you just want to do something with your life. That's the feeling that I have now which forced me into the long lost habit of writing. Although I haven't even wrote everything yet I feel joy just pouring my emotions onto the screen. 

Since there's nothing else to write about I'll just tell you about school.

I start school on the 20th but my sisters start tomorrow which ultimately means that I will have a day to either pamper myself before school or be bored as hell. I also am going to drop my stuff off in my locker to because I have all of it and I may go through it tomorrow to make sure I have all of it and I still haven't put stuff I need in my book bag which I will also do tomorrow.

So my summer was uneventful and the worst summer ever but you never even heard anything about it because I was grounded and all the days are melted together so I don't remember which is which or what I was doing so I can't really tell you.

I'm going to do some research of pampering and other healthy stuff to do tomorrow right now so write later.

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