''The legend of Ariadna and Theseus''

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  • Published: 7 May 2015
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The legends not always have happy endings.In real life is same,too. Men should accept hardships with no desperation and to believe that someday destiny will awards us with sheer and blessed happiness.


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    It all began during the traditional Olympic games in Athens. Androgey- the son of the Cretan king Minos, won the wrestling fight against the Athens' champion. Then,the humiliated citizens killed the winner. Minos couldn't leave such crime unpunished,so he besieged Athens and threatened to burn it to the ground.

The citizens begged him not to do it. Minos agreed but as punishment for the ferocious murder of his son,the king ordered every year on his island to be brought seven young men and young women from Athens who to serve as meal to the Minotaur-the monster half-man,half-bull which is locked in an underground labyrinth,built by the genius architect Dedalus who was the only one who knew how to get out of it.

The people of Athens and their king Aegeus tormented themselves because of the sacrifice they make every year to the Minotaur.

   In the third year, Theseus-the son of Aegeus, decided voluntarily to offer himself to the monster and to try to kill it. His father said''No'' but the young man managed to convince him and told his father that if he wins,he will return with white sails of the ships that carried the scape goats,instead of the black ones.

When fourteen young men and women reached the island of Crete to meet their cruel destiny,only Theseus held his head high. With a bearing of a prince, figure like Hercules and burning eyes like Eros, he was immediately noticed by Ariadna- the daughter of king Minos and the first princess of the island. Without much thinking she decided to help him. Ariadna ran off to Dedalus. When he understood what the princess felt for Theseus, Dedalus humbly said:

-I will help you but you know that your father will not forgive such betrayal,right?

Dedalus advised her what to do anyway and also gave the princess in love a magical spool of red thread that never breaks.

The princess reached for Theseus when he was already in the entrance of the labyrinth and breathlessly whispered him:

-Noble prince,catch the end of this red thread and do not let it go no matter what happens. I give you and a sword with which you can kill the Minotaur!

In a gush of enthusiasm, Theseus only said:

-If with your help I manage to destroy the monster, I will take you with me in Athens and make you my wife!


                                                                                                         . . .


  After long fight, the prince appeared victoriously and hugged passionately Ariadna. Theseus took her on the ship and both left the port in order to avoid Minos' rage.

But the God of all seas-Poseidon,who participated in the creation of the Minotaur,got angry because of its death and caused severe sea storms. The ship of the citizens of Athens found shelter in a bay and Ariadna fell asleep for several days and nights. Hardly opened her eyes, she searched for Theseus but didn't find him. He failed to keep his promise, hurried to return to his country and expected the royal honors that are about to be given to him, to replace Ariadna's presence.

Engulfed by vainglory, the prince forgot to change the black sails of the ship with white ones. When the king glimpsed the black sails of the oncoming ship, Aegeus' heart broke with sorrow and he flew off the depths of the sea.

Theseus understood that with his negligence he caused the tragic end of his father. Theseus refuse to emerge on the throne and lived long years like poor wretch. He never ever experienced true happiness.


                                                                                                       . . .


  The weeping of the abandoned princess was so inconsolable that attracted the attention of Dionysus-the God of the grape harvest. The princess found new love,much more powerful and eternal,because it was blessed by the God of the grape harvest. Maybe since then wine is a symbol of love.

But Dedalus' premonition became true. Infuriated that Theseus managed to escape from the labyrinth, Minos convicted the architect and his son Icarus to an exile for a lifetime. But there are no limits for the human genius. They both created wings,made of bird feathers,attached to each other with wax.

Icarus roamed first among the endless skies and even reached the sun. But the wax melted from the high temperature and Dedalus' son found his dead falling back down. Still then the gravity was impassable obstacle but the first step toward outer space was being made.

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