I'm scared, please help!

My name is Julie, and I'm going to give you a sight into my teenage world


2. Sunday, March 10th - 2015

Dear Diary

I'm no one special. I'm just an ordinary girl from Denmark. I'm 1.57 meters tall. I have brown eyes and brown hair.

My life is completely ordinary too. I live in a small city with my mom and dad (not divorced, yay) and my little sister, who's 5 years younger than me.

My biggest wish is for something extraordinary to happen in my life! So far it's not going very well... But I haven't lost my hope! I'm only 15 years old, I've got plenty of life left!

I hope that by writing this someone out there might read it, and I'm praying for that they actually find it interesting too.

I do realize that this all sound like one big authors-note, but i promise that it's gonna get better!

I need you to promise me something too. It's not going to be easy to write this diary. I'm going to let you into, not only my life, but the darkest parts of my soul too. I'm going to tell you my deepest secrets, and biggest fears. So please promise me that you won't laugh at me (unless i tell something funny of course), and please respect that I am a person with feeling too, and it's taking a lot of courage for me to do this.

Wow that was a lot of heavy talking... If you're reading this then thank you so much! Please continue reading. I promise that from now on this diary is going to be about experiences from my life.

- Julie :)

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