I'm scared, please help!

My name is Julie, and I'm going to give you a sight into my teenage world


3. Monday, May 11th -2015

Dear Diary.

Something happened today. It wasn't extraordinary. But I definitely wasn't ordinary either. I laid in his arms, under the stars. His warm breath on my ice cold neck. His soft lips against mine. His hands slowly playing with my fingers. The moon casting bathing his face in silver light. All of this was perfect. Until the moment I realized that he would've done it with anybody. He laid with another girl the day before. He did not kiss her though. But that's not supposed to make me feel any special. He didn't even remember it the next day. He thought it was a dream. I can not believe that I let myself think that I might love him. I don't. I'm mad at him. The least he could do was smile at me the next day. But no he didn't. He barely looked at me.


But I guess some guys just need to make out with different girls to feel more confident. Poor them.

This is not the first time I fall right into his trap. Not the first time I let myself find pleasure in his presence. I can't help but time after time fall for his beautiful smile, and charming words. And I hate it. I hate that he has power over me. I hate that he cast a spell on me and I don't know how to escape it. There's no antidote. At least not one I know of. I just hope my fairy god mother soon come and help my get back my senses.

- Julie

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