I'm scared, please help!

My name is Julie, and I'm going to give you a sight into my teenage world


8. Monday, June 8th - 2015

Dear Diary

People always say that one of the hardest things about being a teenager is to find yourself. Find out who you are. What you like and don't like. Who you want to be.

What if you know what you want to be like but don't know how to become that person. Or you're afraid of what others might think about it?

I'm afraid they will judge me. I don't want that because just like anybody else I just want to fit in.

I'm not scared of what strangers will think about me. It's the the people I already know that frightens me. What if they think I change too much? Or they don't like the "new me"? Or maybe they will think the new things I'm doing is ridiculous. What if they just think I'm a complete lunatic?

- Julie

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