I'm scared, please help!

My name is Julie, and I'm going to give you a sight into my teenage world


5. Monday, June 1st - 2015

Dear Diary

I don't know wether I'm sad or angry. I guess I'm both.

I thought we were better friends that this.

I always believed that no matter what happened we would stay together, like the happy little four leaded flower we are.

But not anymore.

The flower has now lost two of its petals. Those two petals have now grown into another flower. But there's only room for those two petals.

The third petal has also fallen off the flower and grown into another flower with a lonely seed lying on the ground.

And here I am. The last petal on the once so beautiful flower, hopelessly clinging on to the cold stalk. Lonely swaying in the wind dreaming of a bee landing on the broken flower and pollinate the flower so new and gorgeous petals grow out, and help me carry the heavy burden that is life.

- Julie

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