I'm scared, please help!

My name is Julie, and I'm going to give you a sight into my teenage world


10. Monday, July 27th - 2015

Dear Diary.

I know there's something wrong with me. I realized that yesterday.

Nobody is supposed to be this scared all the time.

I'm can't remember the last time I wasn't afraid of something.

I'm afraid of spiders, and other insects. I'm afraid of the monster under my bed, and the man behind my shower curtain. I'm afraid of the people who will jump out from the dark. I'm afraid of failing my classes, and letting down my teachers. I'm afraid of letting down my friends. I'm afraid of being rejected by people I care about. I'm afraid of getting fat. I'm afraid I'm ugly. I'm afraid my loved ones will die.

To sum up, I'm scared of basically everything.

I don't know what to do.

I don't want to be scared.

I'm tired of having to turn on the light before I go into a room. I'm tired of having to look in all the dark corners twice, before going to sleep.

I'm tired of having my heart racing in my chest every time I talk to someone new.

I'm tired of having no one to talk to this about.

I'm tired of that no one can see through my fragile mask.

I just don't wanna cry anymore.

I'm sorry for complaining but isn't that what a diary is for?

- Julie

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