Dirty Little Secret || r.l

Our dreams can be crushed by simple things but most are destroyed by our own mysteries


3. 0.2


The afternoon came to an end and Tristan was doing his usual routine. I lumped out of my room, expecting a dressed up boy but instead met with a dressed down boy. I raise my eyebrow walking past him.

"I thought you would be heading out? Starting early on the girls?" I scoff.

"Not tonight bro. Apparently I have a new partner for my online school thingy." He sighs.

I never wanted to continue school after I dropped out, nothing in that hellhole interesting me. Tristan however decided to start online school instead. I was quite surprised when he mentioned school. Usually with group projects he, lets the other person do it.

"What is it on?" I call, sitting across from him on the small table.

"The history of Australia." He huffs.

"Shouldn't you already know? You are from there and all." I question.

"Yeah but do you think I would pay attention when we did learn about it?" He snaps.

"Alrighty but don't get angry at me Tristan." I bark.

He stands up and retrieves his laptop from the coffee table and returns to his seat. He flicks up the screen and waits until the light brightens his tanned face.

"I don't even know who I'm partnered with." He sighs.

"Really? Not even their name? Gender? Anything?" I say, shocked of course.

My light blue shirt was itching my skin, making me feel kind of uncomfortable. I was of now jealous of Tristan's choice of shirt. His beiceps prominent against the tight grey sweater, which I didn't understand how as the summers where hot. But then again he is originally form a place where hot was a usual thing.

"Nope. I know absolutely nothing. The only way I'm discussing anything with this mystery person is on a chat room which the teachers monitor anyway." He rolls his eyes.

"Well it was your decision to keep doing school." I laugh. 

"Yeah yeah whatever Rike, just why don't you help me? Like write down notes as I talk to,"  He paused for a couple seconds deciding what to say, "It."

"If I have to."  I scoff.

"You don't have a choice." He chuckles.

"That's what I thought." I say, pushing down his laptop screen slightly.

I wander into my room to look for a clear notebook and working pen. The light blue curtains swayed as the breeze flew in. The sound of the busy street below blocked out the continuous music I had playing. I grew slightly angered as I couldn't find a non used book. I rummaged through shelves, cupboards even my beside table but nothing was found.

"Oi Tristan do you have a book I could use?" I scream.

"Top drawer on the left side." He calls back.

I don't hesitate to open the drawer, cringing at the other things he keeps in there. I flicked the pages of the book to make sure it was in fact empty. I also grabbed a black pen from his bright white beside table.

"I got the book and pen. Have you got into the chat thingy yet?" I ask.

"Nope its still connecting. I have a feeling its a guy. Judging be the font colour they are using."  He scoffs.

I roll my eyes at his utter stupidity and unlock my phone. A single notification came flashing on the screen. I opened my Instagram app and clicked on the DMs. A username I had never heard of had sent me a photo.

"Did you sleep with a girl with this Insta username?" I sigh, putting the phone in front of his eyes so he has to look at it.

He studies it carefully, but shook his head. I was although disappointed that it wasn't. But then again surprised because I had thought that Tristan had slept with just about every girl in our local area. Again I was furious of his success but I shake it off.

"Hold on its connected." He smiles.

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