Dirty Little Secret || r.l

Our dreams can be crushed by simple things but most are destroyed by our own mysteries


2. 0.1


  The days are hot as summer starts, the breeze not helping at all. The second you get out of the cold air of air conditioning or the liquid of your pool, the hot comes at you in an instant, drowning your clothes in sweat as it over powers your body. My arms are sweaty and my clothes sticking to my once ice body, I quickly moved to my apartment from the elevator, the air conditioned room inviting my body for its icey embrace. The only problem was my roommate. Even though we are childhood friends, I never truly understood him. The fact that we grew up in different living styles and his culture is different probably plays a part. I always tried my hardest to agree with him but he's too stubborn to understand. We have everything in common, partying, music, girls. The only thing different was our height, hair colour and body type.

"Riker you fuckhead don't leave the door open." He yelled at me from the lounge.

"Shut up Tristan I don't care, it your turn to pay the bill anyways. Or are you parents doing it again?" I laugh.

He grew up in a reletivly wealthy family but rebel against when his parents became strict over him. He got his tattoos before me, not to mention his piercings. But I won when I dyed my hair lilac before he dyed his bright red. We haven't ever had a big enough fight to put each other into hospital. Yet.

"Really Riker? They have paid it what? Once or twice?" He chuckles, walking and pushing me out his way.

"No, dude, they've paid it so many times." I inform, pushing him away from the fridge.

He slaps my shoulder before leaving. His angered footsteps stopping as his bedroom door closes. I laugh and walk to the lounge room, the television already on from Tristan ditching it a couple minutes earlier. The couch squeaked a little bit under my weight rolling my eyes as I get back up again, remembering exactly what happened last night between Tristan and a mystery girl. Tristan always got more girls than me, so much so that I got really angry, I purposely told the next girl that he was gay. I chuckled to myself as I flopped on the bean bag, second thinking it as there was a possibility that he had slept with a girl on it. I shake away my silly thoughts and return to the television. An add for a show caught my eyes as hot girls were plastered on the screen until my mind flickered to the thought of Tristan's laptop.

"Trist can you get your fucking porn disconnected from the TV?" I call at him.

"Sorry mate but I thought you would want to beat out there because you know, I'm already doing it in my room." He answers.

I nod my head in complete agreement but instead I switch off the television and head out to our balcony. A small breeze came through and up our building, giving my arms goose bumps. I cringed as the setting sun was flung into my eyes. The small amount of clouds around it not helping a single inch. I went back inside and waited for Tristan to be done with his 'activity', if you could even call it that.   

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