Maybe if I had taken another route I wouldn't be here, right now. I wouldn't have to be worrying about the What If's? I would be peacefully at home maybe even drawing on my sketches, but I'm not. I'm not home were I'm safe from the danger outside in the world. If only I had went with my instincts about going a different route I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be here where my worst nightmare could only began.


8. Chapter 8


(A Zayn Malik's Fanfic)


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All Rights Reserved


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~Bayln's POV~

I wasn't dreaming. No I wasn't. Or was I?

I couldn't be dreaming. I couldn't. Taking a deep breath I exhaled it out, shaking my head in the process. I brought my hands up to my face, rubbing my eyes.

"He isn't here, he isn't alive, he can't be here, that was only a figment of your imagination. Yeah you were only imagining him. But- but it was him. It was him, I am not asleep, I know what I saw and I know it was him, but- he's dead. He-he can't be alive. They killed him. He was shot. Or was he? I can't even think properly right now." I mumbled against my palms. I know what I saw was the same person I've been wanting to see once again.

It was him, looking up at the curtains and towards were he once stood. My heart began to accelerate. The lights were still flickered on, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Standing at my window I stood behind the curtains waiting for his figure to reappear once again. But as the minutes passed and his lights flickered off I knew he wasn't going to show up again. He was gone. Gone once again.

Sighing in disappointment, I took one last glance at his window before I making my way to my bed. Pulling the sheets open, I climbed in.

Laying my head on the pillow, thoughts began to swirl around my head. So many thoughts and what if's. What if it was really him? What if it was someone that looked like him? What if it was a figment of my imagination?

That one was the one that frighten me the most. It frighten me that I could have just imagined him, because I want him here with me, truly want him and need him.

But than again there was What if he was alive? Truly alive and was only a few steps away. If that was the case, than what the heck was I doing here?

Because your scared, because once you come face to face with them, and you realize it isn't him, you'll end up being crushed like you were once.

Scared? Was I truly scared of the real truth?

Was I?


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