Maybe if I had taken another route I wouldn't be here, right now. I wouldn't have to be worrying about the What If's? I would be peacefully at home maybe even drawing on my sketches, but I'm not. I'm not home were I'm safe from the danger outside in the world. If only I had went with my instincts about going a different route I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be here where my worst nightmare could only began.


6. Chapter 6


(A Zayn Malik's Fanfic)


Copyright © 2014-2015


All Rights Reserved


~Bayln's POV~

I had enough.

Everyday it was the same routine.

I would come to school, time came to go home, and someone would mention him in such disgrace, and that person would end up beaten by me.

But that didn't stop them from saying what was in their minds. If anything they would only do it to see me explode.

But to me he wasn't a disgrace he was beautiful, mesmerizing in every way possible. The way his hair was always gelled up into a perfect quiff to the way I ran my fingers though it.

His rosy plumpish lips that always had a nicotine substance dangling from them. To the way they kissed me up and down my neck. His eyes the brownish color that captured me in every way.

To the way the stared deeply into my soul and gleaming with happiness. His smile that lighten up my day. To the way it was meant for only me to see.

Everything about him was memorizing. I could go on and on and I would never ever be able to finish, because to me he was the only person I cherished the most.

To me he was the best that had happen to my life. He was the one who picked me up from the fall I had. He replenished every bit of my heart until it was back to the way it was suppose to be.

He was my drug, and I was addicted to him. I couldn't have enough of him until he was taken away from me. He was my haven.

Feeling the cool breeze blow my jet black hair, I sighed in content. It was the nights like this that I loved being out here. The way the wind made me forget about everything in the world soothed me. That's why once Ri had left four hours ago. After the incident that had taken place at school. I had climbed out my window and made my way to the roof top, my favorite hidden place.

Ri had brought me straight home and stood by my side until I had calmed down. It was times like this that I had hoped that he was here. I know Zaria was here for me and will always will be.

But what I need was his arms to hold me close to him, his voice to whisper soothing words in my ear, his lips to place gentle but loving kisses to my neck and cheeks, and his voice to sing songs lulling me to sleep. But most importantly for him to be here and love me like he did.

Without him I felt like nothing mattered in the world. I know my mother loves me, but her love was a motherly love. I know Zaria loves me too, but her love was a sister/friend love.

But the love he gave me was the one that mattered to me the most. His love was the one that I had waited for. His love made me feel alive, beautiful, mattered, cared, wanted and so much more.

Nobody had ever made me felt the way he made me feel. And I don't I know no one could make me feel the same way he did. I know they say it's time to move on.

But do you think someone could move on from the first person who made her understand the meaning of true love? I know I can't. He'll always be with me, in my thoughts, in my mind, my dreams, and in my heart.

He will always have my heart because he took it with him the day he left. He didn't give it back, but I didn't ask for it. He left with it leaving me lifeless, heartless.

But I didn't mind because my heart was somewhere were it couldn't get hurt or damaged in any way because he would protect it with his life, he would cherish it because it was his. It was always his.

But I know he's here with me, taking care of me. He's looking down at me with a that smile that's only meant for me. He knows I love him.

Sighing realizing I was once again thinking to deep. I got up from the roof too dusting the nonexistent dirt off my pj shorts. Standing up I looked out towards the imagery. The moon was high up in the sky illuminating in all its glory. The stars twinkling besides it given it a more breathtaking scenery. It was his favorite thing to watch, the night sky.

The sound of a door car closing made me move my gaze from the sky to were the sound had came from. Spotting a 1967 Shelby Cobra gt500kr parked on the other side of the street took my breath away. I've had always wanted one of those cars.

Not that I didn't like my Nissan Maxima 2006, no I loved it but I loved the Shelby better. It has always been my favorite dream car and now that I see one parked in front of me has me gaping.

Whoever own that car was one lucking fucking bastard. As I kept gaping at the car I hadn't realized that someone had stepped out of the drivers door. Seeing a tall figure standing with his back towards me had me curious.

I had never known a guy lives in front of us. Huh? Maybe he just moved in. As I inspected him from head to toe. I came to the conclusion that he was one a good looking guy but no one could compare to him.

As if he could feel someone gaze on him he turned around and looked at me. Even in the dark I could still distinguish his brown eyes and the smirk that he wore on his face. My breath hitched in my throat.

It couldn't be. He-he was dead. This wasn't true, I was only figment of my imagination. It want him. Closing my eyes tightly i breathed in and out once I was able to breath again.

Slowly opening my eyes I looked to were he was standing but found it empty, no figure standing in the nights sky, only the car. Exhaling the breath I hadn't noticed I was holding in I sighed. It wasn't him. But why were his eyes like his? Why do I feel disappointed?

Because you want him back. You want him here with you. My inner me said. But he's not. I spoke back wanting to shut her out.

But the last thing I hear before shutting her out like the past times I heard a faint That's what you think.


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