Maybe if I had taken another route I wouldn't be here, right now. I wouldn't have to be worrying about the What If's? I would be peacefully at home maybe even drawing on my sketches, but I'm not. I'm not home were I'm safe from the danger outside in the world. If only I had went with my instincts about going a different route I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be here where my worst nightmare could only began.


5. Chapter 5


(A Zayn Malik's Fanfic)


Copyright © 2014-2015


All Rights Reserved


~Zayn's POV~


That's what she is. From the way her dark black hair falls into waves, to the way it bounces with every step she takes. Her glistening blue eyes that brighten up the day to the way they looked deeply into your soul. Her small nose that turns red from being out in the cold to long to the way it twitches when she's lying. Her rosy lips that are never chapped do to her always wearing strawberry scented lip balm to they way there soft and plump when their placed upon your own. I could go on and on talking about her and not once would I ever get bored from describing her. That's why once I saw her the first time I wasn't satisfied with only having a glimpse of her. I wanted every single bit of her beauty to be implanted in my brain and heart.

Feeling the cool air blow through my frizzy hair I closed my eyes for a brief moment. It was times like this that I'd hope that what happened in the past would've never happened. But regardless I'm thankful for it because thought it I met her. Quickly opening my eyes once hearing the the voice of frantic students I looked to see what was the chaos for it.

But once hearing the chanting of "fight, fight fight" I knew what was occurring. Trying to get a glimpse of the two people fighting I craned my neck up wanting to know which of the two bastards was winning. But ended up blocked by students crowding the scene taking place.

Chuckling once hearing a fist connect with a jaw. I knew that however of the two bastards received the hit would end up with a broken jaw.

Because that my man was one bloody crack I heard. My chuckles subsided once I caught a glimpse of a petite figure hovering over a masculine laying down in the concrete ground clutching his jaw in fury. But my eyes turned into rage towards the masculine laying on the ground once I heard that familiar voice.

"You fucking say one more thing about him and I won't hesitate into giving you a proper black eye. You hear?" She said speaking though gritted teeth. About to make my way towards them I came to a halt once I saw another petite figure running towards her to calm her down.

Ri whispered something into Bayln's ear causing a nod and a sigh to escape her lips. Ri placed both her hands on Bay's shoulder and took her into a huge hug. Noting her body slightly shake I knew she was crying. Seeing her like this broke my heart into pieces because I knew what made her punch that kid.

Clenching and unclenching my balled fists I looked back to were the boy was left laying but spotted it empty. He if thinks that by him not being in my sight he'll get away with this he is for one hell of a ride, because I, myself will torture him for upsetting my Bay.

Turning back to see if Bay had calmed down I noticed that she was also gone. Sighing in frustration for not being able to comfort her, a single tear escaped me eye. But I harshly wiped it away.

It wasn't time for my bullshit. I told myself that I would protect her with my life even if that meant giving my life for her I would do it but the scene that had occurred not to long ago kept replaying in my head.

It was my fault, I should've been the one punching that fucking asshole senseless. I should've been the one comforting her, but only thinking of it meant how fucking useless I am. How I can't even keep my word to protect the person I cherish the most the one I love with all my fucking heart.

Anger was evident in my posture, by the way I was gripping my hair only added more to my feelings. Pulling out a pack of cigarettes from the pocket of my leather jacket I took one out. Placing the nicotine substance on the brim of my lips I rummaged through my front jean pocket for a lighter.

Covering the cigarette trying to prevent it from not lighting it up from the cool breeze. Once lighten up I inhaled a deep amount of it puffing it out into the air afterwards sighing in content once it engulf every cell of my body. Taking the time to think through my thoughts that were eating me.

She's the number one reason I'm still here. She's the only source why I haven't left this bloody place. She's the only reason I'll risk my life for the one and only. Bayln.


A\N: Update! Hope you enjoy.



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