Maybe if I had taken another route I wouldn't be here, right now. I wouldn't have to be worrying about the What If's? I would be peacefully at home maybe even drawing on my sketches, but I'm not. I'm not home were I'm safe from the danger outside in the world. If only I had went with my instincts about going a different route I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be here where my worst nightmare could only began.


3. Chapter 3


(A Zayn Malik's Fanfic)


Copyright © 2014-2015


All Rights Reserved


~Zayn's POV~

I know what I'm doing is stupid but I'm a stubborn person. But I didn't care, if it meant saving her from all the dangerous stuff out in the world. Then I would risk my life.

"Zayn" he spoke braking me from my thoughts. Looking up at him, there he stood hands tuck inside his jean pockets.

His black hair covering some of his eyes. He looked at me pity evident in his eyes. But I didn't want any pity, not now because I had finally seen her.

"Yeah" I spoke. He walked closer towards me. Once close enough he sat down, mirroring my actions.

Sighing he looked at me intently "She saw you. You know." My face went pale at his words. How could she have seen me? Its..its not possible.

She saw me. But how? I had everything under control, I had taken couscous of my every step.

"How?" I exhaled. Still processing every word that would be coming out of his mouth.

"I'm not sure how myself, but she saw you Zayn. She saw you once you turned around. I'm not sure what we'll do about this.

"But all I can tell you is, you can't be doing this every day. If they find out your back they'll fine her and she'll be at risk.

"Because she saw you who knows who else saw you, too. You could put us all at risk. We're not suppose to be seen at least not yet.

"But you'll have to be away from her. Until we finish them. But until then you can't see her again." he said looking at me with hurt eyes.

No, he can't do this. He knows better, he knows what will happen if I don't take care of her. He knows.

"No. No! I can't, and I won't! I have to go and have her safe at all times. I can't leave her she means everything to me. You out of all people know this!

I can't just stay here and do nothing while she could be in danger. I'm not doing it. I don't care. I'll be by her side at all times!" with that I got up and walked away from him.

"Zayn!" He yelled at my retreating body. But not once did I turn around. Like I said I'll risk my life for her. I would, and I will. My word.


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