Maybe if I had taken another route I wouldn't be here, right now. I wouldn't have to be worrying about the What If's? I would be peacefully at home maybe even drawing on my sketches, but I'm not. I'm not home were I'm safe from the danger outside in the world. If only I had went with my instincts about going a different route I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be here where my worst nightmare could only began.


2. Chapter 2


(A Zayn Malik's Fanfic)


Copyright © 2014-2015


All Rights Reserved


The sound of my fucking alarm blaring from my phone woke me up from my Oh so sweet peaceful sleep. Slamming my hand on my night stand lazily feeling around for it to stop ringing, but ended up feeling nothing.

Fuck! Where could it have gone to? Screw it, attempting to go back to sleep was stupid hence the alarm when off once again. Sighing knowing I would have to wake up now since the phone wouldn't stop ringing.

I sat up and lazily wiped away all sleepiness from my eyes. Yawning and stretching my muscles, I got up from my bed and groggily made my way to the bathroom.

Grabbing some leggings and a baggy sweatshirt I pulled them on and grabbed my combat boots from underneath my bed. Spotting my phone underneath there to. So there you were little piece of shit.

Grunting with irritation I got up and walked to my mirror caring less of my appearance. I pulled my hair into a sideways French braid and made my way downstairs.

"Goodmorning Bayln." my mother greeted me once she spotted me walking inside the kitchen.

"Morning mother." I greeted back while walking towards the fruit basket and grabbing a big juicy green apple.

"Well imma go. Can't be late to school." I said retreating from the kitchen.

"Wait honey!" my mother exclaimed. Turning back around, I looked at her raising my eyebrow letting her know I was listening.

"Since your birthday is in a couple of days. I decided to give you an early present. Seeing as you walk to school and I not knowing if you arrive safe to school or not. I decided to get you a car." She said

My eyes widen at the mere thought of my own car. She got me a fucking car! Holy mother of cheeses.

"Your kidding right?" I asked with an excited voice. Shaking her head she smilied at me. Walking up to her I have her a hug because she knew how long I've been waiting for it.

"Thanks mom." Pulling apart she gave me the car keys of my car. Sniffing the air I smelt something burning. "Whatever your cooking is burning in the kitchen." I told her once I was by the door.

"Shit. I mean No!" She said running back inside the kitchen to attend whatever was her breakfast.

"No need mother. It's not like I don't use them!" I yelled and walked out the door snickering .

Spotting a Nissan Maxima 2006 parked in our driveway I climbed in excited and threw my bag on the passenger seat. Giddy admiring it I placed the key in the ignition.

Sighing in content hearing it roar to life. I began backing out, but immediately pressed down on the brakes, one I saw a figure walking by. You would think they would get startled right? But no they kept on walking without a care in the world, like if they wouldn't have been hit anytime soon, which is bizarre.

Once the person was a bit further away, I backed out of our driveway and to the street. Taking a glimpse back at the person I mumbled incoherent words at their back. But if like they could've heard what I said they turned around.

Gasping at the sight in front of me, almost all breath was taken out of my lungs. His eyes.. Just like his very own. They were beautiful, looking at him closely my eyes landed on his lips were a smirk was placed.

All memories almost came back but the sound of a horn behind my car brought me out of my trance. Shaking my head I hadn't noticed I had stopped driving. Taking one finally glance at the boy spot wanting to know if it really was him. Although the spot was empty.

He was gone just like the snap of your fingers he wasn't there. He was gone. Could it have it been actually him? Or was it just some trick of my imagination?


A/N: Soooo.... How is it, so far? You like?



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