Such A Silly Game We Play

Leena is one of those goody-goody teenage girls who is obedient to her parents, maintains high grades in school, has an average social life, and zero night life. Even more, she's the usual shy-type, terrible at making new friends, and even more terrible when it comes to oh-so-cheesy relationships, which was surprisingly coming her way now.

With so many things on the line that could go wrong if she ever followed what she truly wants, will she ever have the guts to let it all out? Would the guy do the same? Or, would both of them just sit down and wait until some miracle happens?


10. You Can't Stop Me

"Yeeee! Finally, we gon' get our hot bods readeeeey!", Thea shouted excitedly as we walked on the sidewalk towards the gym.


"You do know that it would take weeks, even months, to burn tons of fat to get a hot bod? Plus a really depressing diet."


"Stop killing the moment! Think positive! We'll have it in no time."


"Yeaaaah, right." I can already see where this is going. Give her two weeks tops before she starts to lose it and quit exercising. "So, where are thou boys?"


"They'll be here any minute now, my brother didn't want to walk with us. So he just waited for Jeff to get ride." 


Jeff. The last time I saw him was last Friday night. He woke me up when we arrived at our house. My head was leaning on his shoulder and suddenly, his warm hands stroked my cheek just so I could wake up. Since I was so sleepy, I only smiled at him when I hopped out of the car, and my dad was already waiting for me at the door. I kissed Aunt Manna and Uncle Joe and went straight to our house. I am kind of nervous seeing him right now. Plus, the fact that we agreed on keeping our secrets and the fact that we had our own 'little game' will definitely make me feel nervous when we're around with our friends.


"Hey. Are you okay?", Thea asked as she stopped me from walking. "Your lips look a little pale."


"What?! Yeah, I'm fine. Come on."


We went inside the gym, and since it was only 7:30 am, there were only like, 5 people inside. It was huge. A modern looking gym, 2 floors, all the equipment were on the sides and at the middle was a big open space with a chandelier on top. Chandelier inside a gym? Weird, but nah, it looked cool.


"Good morning ma'am! How may I help you?", a young-looking woman at the front desk greeted us as we entered the door.


"Uhm, yes hi. I'm Leena and this is Thea, we're starting our Health Management Program today."


"Oh yes! Your schedule is Tuesday-Thursday, 7:30 am and you'll have a trainer every Tuesday. Correct?"


"Yup", Thea said looking really excited. "Oh, and we'll have a couple of friends coming too. Is it okay if they'll just pay the daily fee?"


"Yes, of course ma'am. You can start changing your clothes at the restroom over there." We smiled and went straight to the room. 


I changed into a pair of leggings, rubber shoes and a loose white shirt. I didn't want to wear a tank top since we would be with guys (yeah, conservative here). I tied my hair into a pony tail and went out of the room towards the benches.

Then suddenly, someone tugged my pony tail and covered my eyes. 


"HEY OUCH!!!", I shouted while struggling to get away. And finally, I saw John laughing his ass off. I slapped him.


"OW! Come on, it's just a joke." Ahh, typical boy. "Plus, you look very.... good in gym clothes."


"Yeah, whatever."


"Okay brother, stop harassing my BFF." Thea said and pushed his brother away from me. "Where are the others?"


"Parking lot. Parking the car."


"Well, obviously. Come on let's start already!" We headed towards the middle of the large empty space and sat there waiting for the trainer. Thea and I were just talking when suddenly, the other guys started entering the room. Aries, Zander, and Jeff. Wow, they all looked pretty hot in gym clothes.


I saw Zander waving at us and went straight to Thea to whisper something. And suddenly, Aries ran towards me and hugged me so tight that I literally couldn't breathe.


"GOOD LORD, get away from me!!!", I said, gasping for air.


"Awww come on, I missed you so much", Aries said while pouting. Ew.


"We saw each other like last week! Clingy." He just winked at me. Bleh. Aries was always like that. He was that one guy who was so energetic and wild. Hugs me and Thea really tight, even kisses our cheek, but it's nothing serious. He's just.... well.... that. And beside him was Jeff, looking straight at me. So of course, I greeted him. I hugged him, actually.


"Hey. How are you?", I said, my heart beating like a drum.


"Great. You look nice", he said while smiling. I can already sense that the other were watching us. So I just smiled quickly and slowly moved towards Thea, who was giving me a suspicious/grinning face. Oh boy.


The trainer was already here, and he was a guy with a really fit bod. Huge muscles and from what I could conclude from his tightly fitted shirt, a full pack of abs. He looked great, but, too much muscle. Not my type. But Thea, was checking him out already.


"Focus you two." John said teasing us. Then all of the guys looked at us, grinning.


After a bunch of warm up exercises, the trainer, whose name was Clarke, distributed us to different parts of the gym to use different gym equipment.



After about 2 hours, that damn Clarke finally let us go after his very painful workout. My knees were literally shaking after working out. And I could see that the guys were also dead tired. We dressed up, well I only changed my shirt, and went straight to the parking lot. 


"Alriiiight! Let's go eat!" Zander shouted.


"Seriously? We did come here to the gym for a reason", Thea said.


"Come on! At least a healthy snack at the mall. Besides, we got nothing to do after this. Leena, you up?" Everyone looked at me.


"Uhm... yeah, sure. But I need to be home by lunch time."


"Alright! Great, let's go Jeff." Jeff went straight to the driver's door and unlocked the SUV. All of us went inside. John sat on the front, Thea and I sat at the back of them, Zander and Aries at the very back. I was at the back of the driver's seat, which made me uncomfortable since I could see straight at Jeff's face from the rear view mirror. Every now and then, I could see him looking at the mirror, and sometimes even glancing at me. I kept looking every time which made me feel really awkward.


Thea was using her phone when suddenly, she asked me about something.

"Oh hey, I remembered. I was calling you last Friday to ask if you wanted to come over. You never picked up."


Oh no. Shoot. What am I going to say? "....oh? Oh! Yeah. I'm sorry, forgot to text you. Yeah... my parents and I just uh--- went out for dinner." I said, my heart beating fast. I didn't want to look at the rear view mirror right now so I wouldn't see Jeff. 


"Oh. Really? Where?"


"Uhhhh..... T.G.I Friday's."


"Cause it's a friday?" Thea said with one of her eyebrows up, "Classy." We laughed. I looked out the window and  decided that I wanted to see Jeff's expression. And lo and behold, by looking at his face from the rear view mirror, I could see that he was trying really hard not to laugh. I could see him biting his lip, which made him look really really cute. We finally found each other's eyes and stared a little longer than usual, and I turned to look away, trying not to laugh myself.


"Okay, we're here", Jeff said.


"SO! Since we're healthy living right now," John said, "we gon' eat some salad." Everyone reacted angrily.


"Noooo! We have to, okay. Come on."


We went to this restaurant where there was a salad buffet. Greens and vegetables covered the table. I took a plate and stood next to Jeff, waiting for my turn to get some greens. Jeff handed me the serving utensil and moved his mouth close to my ear to whisper something,


"Too bad they aren't cupcakes, huh?" We tried to laugh quietly so the others wouldn't look at us. I looked at him and he was looking straight at me.


"Oh just hurry up, I'm hungry. I'm willing to eat anything right now", I said while pushing him so that he would move to the next station.



It was past 11 right now, and we were still at the restaurant. We were all jokes and puns right now, which made us laugh our pants off. However, I think I need to leave, now. Of course I didn't want to yet, they were still planning to watch a movie, but I really have to get home, I promised my mom I would help her out with the house, my sisters were coming home for a while since they didn't have classes on Tuesday afternoons. 


"Oh, hey Thea... I have to go already."


"Whaaaat?! Nooo! We're watching a movie remember?", Thea looked disappointed. She started giving me her puppy eyes.


"Hey, I told you that I needed to come home before 12."


"Ohh, fine. Leave me alone with these maniacs inside the cinema. How are you gonna go home?"


"Uhm, taxi maybe? It's still noon." I stood up and hugged Thea. "Have fun with these maniacs!"


"Hey! You're leaving already???" Aries asked. Now everyone was looking at me.


"Yeah, sorry."


"Booooo!", Zander and John said.


"OH, boo yourself!" I said, teasing them.


"Ha-ha, just joking", John said, "Maybe Jeff could drive you home." And everyone looked at him.

Jeff grabbed his glass of water and drank until it was empty, and immediately stood up, grabbing his keys.


"What, again? No, no it's okay, really. It's still early." I hesitated. Jeff was already walking towards me.


"Oh come on, don't tell me you're shy", Thea said while grinning. I gave her my 'shut-your-mouth' look.


And suddenly Jeff was already grabbing my arm pulling me outside of the resto. "You can't stop me."

I sat on the front seat of his SUV, again. Luckily, it still wasn't rush hour right now, so it's not yet traffic.


"So, you eat at T.G.I Friday's when it's Friday?", he said looking at me with a big smile on his face.  God, he looked really cute.


I couldn't help but to laugh too. I slapped his arm. "Oh shut up. I was under pressure."


"Good thing she didn't see your face after. You looked like you needed to pee!"


I laughed so hard. "Well, I should've had laughed if your face didn't look the same! I saw your face in the rear view mirror."


We kept telling jokes about each other and laughed so hard until our tummies couldn't handle it anymore and there were tears running at the side of our eyes.



And now, I figured, I was grateful that he dragged me out  of the resto so that he could take me home. I was glad that I allowed him to drag me out. I was glad that we had time for us to laugh at each other again like fugging retards, tease each other, and, well.... bond. 


I finally I realized that having a guy friend is the bomb! Less drama, good listener, hilarious, cool, fun to hang out with, and no awkwardness.....



... until you start to like him.



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