Such A Silly Game We Play

Leena is one of those goody-goody teenage girls who is obedient to her parents, maintains high grades in school, has an average social life, and zero night life. Even more, she's the usual shy-type, terrible at making new friends, and even more terrible when it comes to oh-so-cheesy relationships, which was surprisingly coming her way now.

With so many things on the line that could go wrong if she ever followed what she truly wants, will she ever have the guts to let it all out? Would the guy do the same? Or, would both of them just sit down and wait until some miracle happens?


28. We're Getting Older Every Day

"All right, my team! First of all, thank you so much for staying a little late. I know it's the last day of your 3-day exams, and some of your friends are probably out at the mall, park, road trips....", my math teacher, Ms. Avana, said as the three of us sat down on the chairs nearest her.


My 2 other 'teammates' were sitting both at my sides, while I was in between them. And honestly we didn't say a thing. We were all pissed for staying late at school on the last day of the final exams where all the other people were already out having fun. Ms. Avana just didn't stop talking.


"... you know", getting ready for the summer, oh! And for prom! And...", she continued. Did she really have to say that? I mean, the three of us were really pissed that we won't be able to dress up like the others. Then, finally, she realized that she needed to stop. "Okaaaay, so I just wanted to give you these advanced Trigonometry and Basic Calculus reviewers. There is no doubt that they'll ask these at the contest."


I looked down at the papers, which had about... 10 pages. UGHHH. The student beside me, Alexa, sighed as she saw all the problems we had to solve, even though I knew she could answer it. She's like, the smartest girl in school. And on my right was Stevie, a little nerdy boy that was always in the 1st Honor list since he was like... five. Though I saw in his face a troubled look, since I know that he just studies what we study in class. I, on the other hand, have already studied Basic Calculus (*ahem ahem* not to brag) when I was still a Freshman when I finished my advanced classes in Math. It took my 5 years to learn basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) up to Calculus. My teacher always pressured me to study everyday and do 3 exercises everyday just so I could finish 'early', which was about 4-5 years. EXHAUSTING!


"I know it's a little too much," (YES IT IS), "but I just want you guys to be ready and be prepared. There are about 50 teams from different schools there, so, don't let our's down!"


We stood up, took the reviewers, said good bye to Ms. Avana, then went straight outside to leave the school. I didn't go straight home yet, I called Thea first.


"Theabellssss! Where are you?", I said as I walked towards the gate.

"OMG. You done? Come with me to the mall, picking out a dress!!! EMERGENCYYYY!", she shouted. And I literally had to move my phone away from my ear just so I wouldn't turn deaf.

"OKAY. Stop shouting. Where are you now? And who are you with?"

"Mall. Sherri Hill Outlet. HURRY! I am alone and lonely!"



I arrived at the outlet 30 minutes after and saw Thea holding what looks like about 10 prom dresses, short and long, on her one arm. And honestly, I don't know how she still managed to stand up and look for other options while holding the other dresses on her other arm.

"YEY YOU'RE HERE! Hold please! Mwah!"

She immediately gave me all of thee 10 dresses she was holding as she took another 2 out of the rack. "COME ON, how many dresses do you have to fit?!"

"This is all, I swear! I would've not gotten all these dresses if you came earlier," she said as a shallow excuse.

"Well, not my fault! Ms. Avana gave us reviewers again and tortured us by summarizing everything that we'll be missing at prom so..."

"UGH, again?", she shouted as we walked towards to one empty fitting room, a big one. We locked ourselves inside and she started trying out the dresses. "You know, I still feel sorry for you. And I'm still pissed that it had to be on the exact same day! We've been so excited about this!"

"Ahem, no, you were excited for all the dressing-up and make up, okay? I just want to go wild and party!", I said as she faced me wearing a peach chiffon long dress with a belt full of roses around her waist. "Oh, what the?! NO, that is so not you. Too girly!"

"It's prom, Leena! Live a little!" She took of the dress and wore another one.

"Well, for your information, I heard the boys talking about how they didn't want to go out with girly-girls and that they'd rather go out with the simple, down-to-earth ones, okay?"

"Really? Wow... that's a first. How 'bout this?" She was now wearing a plain black cocktail dress with a thick satin belt on her waist.

"Hey, you know what? That looks like my black dress for funerals," I teased while giving my blank expression.

She gave a blank expression in return. "Thanks a lot, babe."

"Look, how about this! It's simple, it's fierce, I love it!" I held out the shiny grey cocktail dress that I found and that I hid behind the 10 dresses she found. I mean, the first time I laid eyes on it... damn, it's true love! I LOVE this dress!!!
Thea stared at the dress I was holding. "Woooow. It is!"


I walked towards her so she could look at it closely. "Yeah! Look, it's elegant, and classy! There's a little more dazzling jewel things on the top part, but, it works! And the color is just amazing! Enough with the bright pinks and reds! Go gunmetal color! I love it Thea!!! Then there's this thin belt right on your waist, it'll look perfect on you!" I shouted and smiled while trying my hard to describe the dress.

I looked at Thea since she wasn't talking too much, then I realized that she was looking at me. "What?"

She took the dress from my arms. " Leena. Clearly you like this dress. It's YOUR dress. I'm not getting it, okay?"

"Oh come on! It doesn't matter! I won't be able to wear it, so you wear it instead. It's okay," I replied.

"Leena, I can't. It really is beautiful! But it's yours! You saw it first."

"Dude. Just shut up and take it."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah! Don't worry, I'll find another dress next year." I took the dress from Thea, took it  off the hanger and gave it to her. She went inside the fitting room.


And when she came out... WOW! Perfect fit! And she looked a lot thin.  (Covering all the muffin top. Bwahaha!)


"SEE! I told you!" I stood up and walked towards her as she looked at the mirror examining the dress.

"It's beautiful! But.... Leena, are you really sure?", she asked with her soft voice.

"If you ask me again I will tell Zander to not be your date, capeesh?"

"Yes," she replied, "AAAHHH I LOVE IT! Thanks so much! You are the best ever!"

"I know right?"


She twirled and twirled in front of the mirror, playing with the beautiful dress that I found. Credits to BFF!


"Leena, now I really feel sad that you're not going."

I am very touched. I knew at this time that my  best friend was even more sad than I am. And I feel so sorry for her. It really is a good thing that Zander is coming as her date, 'cause if not, she'll have to go with our other classmates that we weren't really close with. "Thea, come on. We've talked about this, and I'm really sorry," I said with a sad voice.

"Yeah, I know but... it just sucks!"


"And, well, to be honest... I kind of had a little daydream/fantasy that we'd be going in a double date. You know... me and Zander, You and....," she stopped.

I knew what she was thinking, and to be honest I kind of thought about it too. And yes, I wanted it to happen so badly! "Yeah yeah, whatever. You guys keep pairing the two of us now, do you realize that?"

"Yes, well. HAHAHAHA!", she laughed loudly.

"Do you see any sign or something? That he likes you?"

"Does this count?" I raised my arm to show her the bracelet Jeff gave me.


"I don't know, he just said that it was a Thank You/Sorry gift. I don't wanna be expecting and dumb about it, okay?"

"Oh please! He was only being shy and modest!", Thea said as she was changing into her clothes now so we could buy the dress.

"THEA. We don't even know if he has a girlfriend or not!"

She immediately looked at me. "So... you're curious about it? You actually want to... you know... be with him?"

"Alright. That's enough," I said and rolled my eyes, "Come on, let's pay for that dress."

"And then you changed the subject again. Leena, come on! We're graduating next year, were getting older every day, are you still not aloud to... you know, date?"

"Well, Thea, obviously not. You know my dad right?!" I replied as she paid for the dress and the cashier was putting in inside the box, "He's the type of dad, that gives you the eye when he sees you having a funny conversation with a guy, any guy! I've seen him looking at me and Jeff before, but I didn't stop having fun with him because it was just so annoying! Good thing mom doesn't tell him. Dad doesn't even know that I hang out with the boys at his house!"

Thea didn't say anything in return. We walked out the store and went straight to the main entrance to find a ride. "When do you think he'll let you?"

"Maybe when I'm 60," I said with a serious face. But when Thea and I looked at each other we burst into laughter.


"So, do you now what Zander's going to wear to Prom?"

"Uhm... no." LIAR. "They just asked me some details about picking the right suit when I told you that they're taking me home."


"Why? What do you want him to wear?" I asked so I would at least have a hint of what she wants.

"Well, like a sleek and simple suit. But, it'd be great if there was something, some little thing that's out of the ordinary!"

"Oh? Like what?"

"I dunno, just... something! You know, something that stands out!"

"I see," I said while staring out into the road. What was that something that she wanted? Man, she's hard and unpredictable! What on earth would that 'something' be?! I immediately thought of calling Zander tonight to talk about it, just so Thea would have the most perfect night ever! I hope Zander has an idea. A GOOD ONE, not his past bad ones. Ha-ha.


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