Such A Silly Game We Play

Leena is one of those goody-goody teenage girls who is obedient to her parents, maintains high grades in school, has an average social life, and zero night life. Even more, she's the usual shy-type, terrible at making new friends, and even more terrible when it comes to oh-so-cheesy relationships, which was surprisingly coming her way now.

With so many things on the line that could go wrong if she ever followed what she truly wants, will she ever have the guts to let it all out? Would the guy do the same? Or, would both of them just sit down and wait until some miracle happens?


7. Make Up Your Mind, Bro

Jeff's Point of View

It was 5 am when my alarm started making noises. John, Zander, and the others suddenly got the energy to have a daily run at John's subdivision, which was just 2 blocks away from our house. Plus, he invited his sister,  Thea and her best friend, Leena. We only invited them the last minute.  John told us that Thea knew that we were going jogging the next day, and she kept asking if she could go, together with Leena, she wouldn't take no for an answer. Besides, I think they're pretty cool to hang out with? It's pretty nice to have girl friends, right?

I stood up from my bed, feeling weak as ever, washed and bathed, then I wore my jogging clothes. 

As I went down to our kitchen, I already found my dad and my mom there, having breakfast.

"Woah there! What the hell is happening?! You are definitely not an early riser", dad said.

"Going jogging."

"By yourself??", dad asked looking very puzzled.

"No. With the guys. And some girls."

Dad's eyes widened.

"John's brother, and apparently, Leena", I said with a neutral voice.

"Leena? You're Uncle's daughter, Leena?"

I nodded.

"I didn't know you were hanging out already."

"I saw her at the mall last time, with John's sister Thea. She didn't know how to go home by herself, so I just took her home."

"Wow. Very thoughtful of you!" Dad looked pretty impressed. I can see him grinning. "But wait, I thought you were taking Caroline out this morning???"

Oh shit. I totally forgot! She's gonna kill me.

"Don't tell me you forgot?"

"Actually I did, shoot", I said running back straight to my room to grab my phone and texted her.

Hey, sorry. Can I just pick you up at 11 instead?
— Jeff    

Caroline has been my girlfriend since 2nd year high school, which means we've been together for 2 years now. And honestly, it has been great. But for the past few months now, she's just starting to get too relaxed, you know? Aren't relationships supposed to be a give-and-take or something? Not that you immediately expect something in return, but, a thank you or a simple gesture might be nice.

I went back down to the kitchen, my dad still there.


"I'll just pick her up later."

"So... is Leena... are you guys close now?", he said awkwardly, "She's a really good kid. Very respectful and  sweet to me."

"Oh yeah, she's nice." I don't know why he's asking, but I feel kind of nervous because of his tone. 

"Good, 'cause you know. It's actually good for you guys to be close to them too. And for you to be close to Leena." I just nodded. Dad is acting pretty odd right now. And honestly, I was too. I keep remembering what happened that night I took her home. She was really fun to talk to, even though she's a little shy and nervous. I mean, I was nervous too. Especially when I walked her to the door, it was like I was expecting something to happen. Then all of the sudden she just started talking really quick, took a step closer to me and kissed my cheek. i kept thinking about it that night. Heck, I still keep thinking about it up until now. There was this warmth creeping up on me as she kissed me. But, come on, it was just a 'thank you' kiss, nothing more nothing less.

"Yeah, okay. Well I'm going now dad. It's almost 6 already."

"Okay. Have... fun." I looked back at him wondering why his tone was like that. What on earth is going on right now.

When I arrived all of them were there already.

"FINALLY, god.", John said.

"What?! You said 6 am?"

"Yeah I know. But, you're the last to come so... tsk tsk tsk." I rolled my eyes. "Okay, let's go! What... Thea? Where you at?!" He scanned the lawn looking for his sister. As I turned to look at the front door, they there were. Tying up their shoe laces, and Leena, tying her hair into a pony tail, which looked good on her.

"READYYYY!", Thea shouted.

"Leens, you ready?", John said excitedly.

"YES, I am ready. But do not call me that. Sounds terrible." Leena pinched John's arm, and he looked really hurt. Then she noticed me on the background.

"Oh hey.", she said and after that she showed her warm and shy smile. She looked very pretty, honestly. She didn't even have any make up on and other stuff.

"Hey", I replied. She smiled and I watched her as she started to run side by side with Thea. 

"Keep your eyes straight", Aries said while patting my back. We started to jog.

"Oh shut up, man." 

"Psh! Don't hide it. So, how'd it go?" I knew he was talking about that night when they suddenly bailed on me, which made me take Leena home all by myself.

"What? I just took her home." Then, he slapped me. "DUDE?! What the hell?!"

Suddenly John, who was waaay in front of, noticed us. "Yo! Come on, enough of that deep shit. We having fun here!" And thanks to him, everyone was looking at us, including the 2 girls, and Aries just can't stop laughing.

"But seriously dude, spill it out", Aries said grinning.

"Could you please?! I have a girlfriend, in case you forgot."

"A girlfriend, or a boss?" I shut up. He did have a point. Like I said, Caroline was way out of line. Sometimes I just feel like her personal driver/butler. She is beautiful and very athletic but damn, attitude: terrible. "But, you know what, man to man, she looks pretty gooooood....", he said as he checked Leena out.

"Yeah, okay. Fine. I guess I kind of like her, okay?" Aries gave me that 'i-told-you-so' look, smiling like a weirdo.

"Does she know that you have a girlfriend?"


"That's perfect! Break up with the devil, and go out with that sweet angel"

I punched him on his arm. "I can't just do that! I'd feel like a jerk!" We stopped running when we got to the park. It wasn't that full of kids yet, since it's still 6:45 am. 

"Alright! Water break...", John said, panting,  looking tired as ever. "Let's just..... sit... for a moment, okay?" The other guys lay down on the grass and  I saw Thea and Leena, heading towards the swing.

"So. What you guys talking about? Looked pretty serious", John and Zander asked.

"Jeff's girl problems. Caroline—-Leena", Aries whispered. Thank god he's just whispering.

"Woaaaah. Getting tired of Caroline now, huh? OH YEAH. You took her home one nigh right? Something must have happened", John said with a grin on his face.

"NOTHING HAPPENED," I said angrily. Well something little happened but I wasn't in the mood to say. "Besides, our dads our like, close. Things would get terrible if her dad found out that I like her."

The 3 of them smiled like idiots. "So, you do like her." I looked at the girls, they were just playing with the swings. And as I looked at Leena, she just looked, pretty. Like a sweet and warm girl having the time of her life on the swings.

"So, what you gonna do?", Zander asked.

"I don't know man."

"Well, make up your mind bro!", John shouted. "YO THEA! LEENA! Come here!"
What the hell is he doing?!

"What do you want, loser?", Thea asked while she and Leena was running towards us.

"We should do something else together. You know, something fun! Adventurous for the summer."

"Well, sorry. We've already got gym classes for the summer. 3 days a week", Leena said, pulling out her pony tail, brushing her straight brunette hair.

"Gym? Well, I guess that's okay. But we should go somewhere! Road trip for a week, vacation and stuff."

"You do know that we're only 15, right?", Thea asked her brother sarcastically.

"FINE. We'll just come to the gym with you!"

"WOAH. What?!", Leena looked shocked.

"What? Afraid to show us your sweaty bod?" I looked at her body. I remember the time when we had dinner, when I told her that she looks great. She wasn't that type of girl who was so thin. She actually had curves, and she's only fifteen, and she was a bit chubby. But hey, she really looks great.

"Oh shut up! And no, we are not afraid! Right Thea?"


"Well, good. Jeff! You're coming with us right?" Aries, John, Thea and Leena all looked at me.

"What?! No."

"Come oooon! It'll be fun! We'll get to be CLOSER with one another, right guys?", John gave me a corresponding wink.

"Yeah, come on", Leena said, "it'll be fun." I looked at the others and they just keep smiling. It's irritating!

"Okay, fine! Fine!"

"Yeaaaaaaah!" John and Leena both said cheerfully.

I wonder how Caroline would respond to this. I am so dead.




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