Such A Silly Game We Play

Leena is one of those goody-goody teenage girls who is obedient to her parents, maintains high grades in school, has an average social life, and zero night life. Even more, she's the usual shy-type, terrible at making new friends, and even more terrible when it comes to oh-so-cheesy relationships, which was surprisingly coming her way now.

With so many things on the line that could go wrong if she ever followed what she truly wants, will she ever have the guts to let it all out? Would the guy do the same? Or, would both of them just sit down and wait until some miracle happens?


11. I Respect Her That Much

Jeff's Point of View

"Well, thanks again for the ride! See you soon", Leena said as she stepped out of my SUV. I waved goodbye. And suddenly, my phone vibrated twice.


Dude what, did you bang her already? Where are you the movie is starting???!?!?!?!


Hey were are you? Come to my house. All alone. :( 


Oh god. Seriously?! She used 'were' instead of 'where'?! God. I REALLY want to watch the movie, but I've bailed on Caroline for so many times now. I feel bad.


To John: 
Yo, sorry. Gotta go Caroline's calling me.
Next time.


I went straight to Caroline's house, which was about 30 minutes away from Leena's. I parked my car in their driveway and knocked at the front door. She opened it right away.


"Hey, handsome." She grabbed my arms and kissed me. "God, what have you been doing, we barely spend time with each other now."


"What do you mean?! I was here on Sunday?", I said sounding a little pissed. God I didn't know having a girlfriend like this needed so much time and effort. I think she wants me to be with her every single minute!


"Well, yeah. DUH. But were you here on Monday? How about this morning? And last Friday! We were supposed to have a romantic date every Friday night, right?"  You see? So much work. TOO Much work. And this romantic date she's talking about is too expensive okay. It's like this fancy fine-dining restaurant near the mall, and well, it is way out of my budget, especially now since dad's losing money. I'd be happier to take her to T.G.I. Friday's.

Ha-ha. I remember Leena and the lie that she told Thea. FAIL.


"Well, I'm sorry okay, I had to go out with my family."


"Ugh, whatever. Let's go watch some TV in my room, aaaand I've got popcorn and chocolates!" She dragged me up the stairs towards her room. Caroline's house was a huge modern-looking house. Her dad's a businessman, which explains why. It literally looks like a big white mansion, 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and plenty of other rooms. I don't know why though, she's just an only child. 


"Come here", she placed her hand on her bed, signaling that I should sit right beside her. So I did. She chose a movie, which was about some teenage girl who died in a car crash, who was supposedly to audition at Julliard 'cause she's amazing with the cello. And I think Caroline was almost close to crying in some parts of the movie. 


"Hey, after that you wanna watch How I Met Your Mother instead?" Please say yes. Please say yes!


"What? No. I downloaded Mean Girls a while ago", she said angrily.




It was already 6 pm, so I had to go home. 


"Hey Caroline, I need to go home now." Right now she was hugging me really tight for a long time now. My back hurts.


"Hmmm??" She said looking sleepy already, "Noooo stay with me. We're all alone, don't you want that?" She said smiling, sliding her fingers softly on my arm. But no, I couldn't do it this time. Just not in the mood.


"I'm sorry, mom told me to go home so we could have dinner together."


She stood up from her bed, "ugh, you are such a mama's boy!" So I stood up to, grabbed my things and went down stairs.


"I'm sorry okay. I'll make it up to you." I kissed her on the cheek and went straight to my car.



I arrived at our house after an hour, since it was rush hour already. I parked at the garage and went straight to the front door. As I was about to turn the handle, I realized different voices inside. I opened it and saw Leena's dad talking with my dad. I greeted him and went straight for the stairs towards my room, when my mom called me.


"Woah there, you haven't said hi to your Aunt Catherine yet.", Mom pointed at her back, where my aunt was standing.


"Oh, sorry Aunt Catherine. Hi, good evening." She smiled at me. Aunt Catherine looks very kind and sweet. 


"Thank you for taking Leena home a while ago. You're getting kind of fond of it."


"Oh no problem Aunt Catherine."


"Oh really??? That's a nice thing to do Jeff", my mom said proudly.


"Look mom, sorry I just need to go to the bathroom, and I wanna change my clothes now, this is what I was wearing when I went to the gym so..."


"Oh, but L—-", she didn't get to finish her sentence since I was already upstairs, and I think she didn't want to shout since my dad looks like they were talking about something important.


I took a short shower and changed to some shorts and my favorite Lakers jersey and went downstairs to grab my dinner. I was fiddling with my phone when I suddenly saw someone inside the kitchen. It wasn't my mom since she was talking to Aunt Catherine inside the family room, and definitely not my dad. Marion was upstairs sleeping already. 


I was at the kitchen door already, and I looked around, no one was there. Creepy. What the hell was th——


"BOOOOOOOO!" A loud, deep, and creepy voice shouted from my back.


"JESUS CHR—", I shouted, but then she covered my mouth.


"Shhhhhh!", Leena said, while dragging towards the kitchen island chairs. "Ooooh, I got you good!!!!"


"YEAH thanks a lot." I said sarcastically, trying to breathe normally now.


"Hey, your mom was telling you that I was here, you didn't listen. Where have you been? You look exhausted."


"Oh, just from my friend's house. Watched movies."


"So you ditched John, Aries, Zander, and Thea at the movies, to watch movies at your other friends' house. Youch, I am literally hurt for them," she said while taking a bite of the decadent chocolate cake that my mom baked yesterday.


"What are you guys doing here?"


"Well, obviously my dad will be talking to your dad for a really long time. Our moms are chit-chatting, and I'm here alone, eating my feelings away, until you came." She took another bite. She looked so cute. Like a little stubborn chubby girl stuffing herself with sweets. Leena has chubby cheeks, which made her face look like a baby-face. And, I don't know, I loved teasing her about it because she looks even more cute when she gets pissed.


"Why are you staring at me? Seriously, you're creeping me out", she said while her mouth was stuffed with cake. See? Cute!


"Oh hey children!" Mom said, looking all excited. Weird. "Leena, after you finish eating you and Jeff could watch some TV upstairs or play with his Xbox. Looks like they're going to talk for a loooong time." Mom pointed towards our dad.


"Oh thank you so much! Uhm, is everything alright?"


"Oh yes! Don't worry, darling. Come on, you kids go upstairs." Mom was holding my arm and she wrapped her other arm around Leena, pushing us towards the stairs. I bet Leena's all creeped out.


I was a bit nervous letting a girl walk into my room. Actually, mom and dad didn't really allow me to let some girl hang out inside my room. Caroline has only been there once, and my mom got mad at me. And here was Leena, quickly accompanied by mom to just hang out there. Maybe she wasn't just "some girl" when it comes to my mom.


"After you", I said to her opening the door so she would be the first one to go inside.


"Why, thank you." She looked around my messy room, she first saw my cd collection and started rummaging through it. I didn't mind.


"So, do you wanna watch TV?"


"Oh yeah, sure."


"Okay, but what are you going to watch? It's okay you can choose this time. Those are my DVD sets, or we can just use my Netflix", I pointed towards the shelf above my bed. She started looking at my other collections: Game of Thrones, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Brooklyn 99, CSI, DVDs of basketball games, etc.


Then suddenly, she looked back at me and smiled.




"Well, for a guy, I didn't think of you liking Friends and How I Met Your Mother."


Oh, shoot. Why, does it make me look gay or something? Soft? Shoot.


"Wow, look at you, red as a tomato. It was a compliment! Geez. I love watching these shows! Let's watch one now." Woah. She's amazing. I felt a sudden rush all over my body. She looks so excited, and happy, and.... and.... beautiful right now. Even if she's just wearing jeans and a v-neck shirt, she looks beautiful.


"Okay, pick one." She handed me the Season 9 of How I Met Your Mother. Good choice. It was the one I wanted to watch a while ago at Caroline's.


She sat at the back of my bed so that she could lean on the wall, then she grabbed one of my pillows. As for me, I didn't know where to sit. Would it be too much if I sat next to her on my bed? Maybe I should just sit on the floor, maybe mom and dad would see me and get suspicious if I sat beside her.


"Helloooo. Earth to Jeff, you there?! Come here and press play."


"...uh, Oh. I'll sit there?"


"Well, yeah. You wanna sit on the floor?" I shook my head. Definitely not. I wanted to sit beside her. I wanted to sit beside her so bad and just look at her face as we watched HIMYM.


We were on the 4th episode now, and she looks like she's ready to sleep already. She has both of my pillows now, one supporting her head, and the other was rapped around her arms. I guess the room was a little too cold that's why she was hugging my comforter too. She was literally laying on my bed now. As for me, I just sat steadily on the other side. If there's one lesson my dad taught me that I'd remember right now, it was learning my boundaries. Physical boundaries, when it comes to girls. And for a girl that I respect so much, I am more than willing to follow it. 


"Are you sleepy?", I said bending down so I could see her sleepy face.


".... yeah." She said with her soft voice. Her eyes were the same when we were at the back of the SUV. It moved so softly and it sparkled so much because of the light. I patted her head with my hand and started lightly brushing her hair.


"Go ahead, you can sleep. I'll wake you up when they're done."


"Really? Aren't you sleep too?"


"No, don't worry. I'll just keep watching."


Suddenly, she was handing me one of my pillows, the one she was hugging, "Here, sorry I hoarded your pillows." I let out a quiet laugh. "What's taking them so long anyway? It's like then never run out of things to say."


"Yeah, haha." Her eyes were closed now and her arms were rapped around my comforter. She looked so sweet right now, breathing softly and peacefully. Her chubby cheeks were pale, her eyes were shut, you could see her long black eyelashes, and her black hair runs down softly on her face. Now, she looked really beautiful. Even more beautiful than the times I saw her wearing make up.


I continued to watch How I Met Your Mother. Well, I tried to watch. I found myself looking frequently at Leena's face. 


I began to feel a little sleepy too. I wanted to sleep next to her, wrap my arms around her and just keep staring at her innocent face. But I couldn't. I have to stop myself, even though my mind was full of thoughts and ideas right now. 



I respect her, so much.




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