Such A Silly Game We Play

Leena is one of those goody-goody teenage girls who is obedient to her parents, maintains high grades in school, has an average social life, and zero night life. Even more, she's the usual shy-type, terrible at making new friends, and even more terrible when it comes to oh-so-cheesy relationships, which was surprisingly coming her way now.

With so many things on the line that could go wrong if she ever followed what she truly wants, will she ever have the guts to let it all out? Would the guy do the same? Or, would both of them just sit down and wait until some miracle happens?


4. He Gave You The Shoulder Brush

I decided to take a break from hanging out with men. I needed some girl time, so I called my best friend Thea. I just want to tell her EVERYTHING, so we went to the best place where you could stay for hours and hours without any security guard or waiter giving you the cold shoulder: Starbucks. <3

Thea and I have been friends since the 2nd grade, and no, we weren't the typical 'barbie girls in a barbie world' type, and we didn't spend our time braiding each other's hair and playing dress up. We had two very important things in common, and one of that was FOOD. Yes, we looooved eating at different restaurants and trying everything in their menu, but we also loved to cook for ourselves. Last school year, freshman year, we started saving up some money from our weekly allowance. And when summer came, each of us almost earned about P 10,000 each. So we went out on a BFF date every day, each in a different restaurant. And whenever we felt tired of eating outside, we would just stay in one of our house and bake! And one whole summer of doing that is equivalent to muffin tops and flabs. Which is why this summer, we planned to do burn all of those stored calories by enrolling in a gym class. Bleh.

The second thing we had in common, was that we both liked the same guy in school, whose name was Zander. Weird? Nope! We actually loved it! Spending lunch and break time together spying on that one cute guy was our favorite. You know, typical high-school, lovey-dovey, crush. We always made it a competition, who scored the most every day in terms of number of eye-to-eye contact or number of small-talk moments we had with him. I really think it's kinda creepy, but hey, it's so fun! Poor guy though.

"HELLOOO!!! Earth to Leena, you there?!"

I jerked as a loud voice snapped me back to consciousness.

"Aaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!" I stood up from my chair and hugged my best friend so tight, just like what Marion did to me.

"Dude what the hell! Stop it! Shhh, god everyone is looking at us", Thea said, pushing me away, rejecting my affection.

"But we haven't seen each other in like... a week!"

"Gee, that's a heart breaker", she said sarcastically. "Come on let's order coffee now."

"Oh! Could you buy me an iced Caramel Macchiato? PLES?", I said with a big smile.

Thea just rolled her eyes. Oh she loves me so much, she's just too shy to admit it.

"So, what have you been doing the first week of our summer break?", I asked her as she was walking back to our table. We always chose this spot, write next to the small coffee tree that gives off a divine aroma of coffee goodness. This is the best Starbucks store here in town.

"NOTHING FUN, i'll tell you that", she replied, "my mom keeps asking me to clean my room, my brother's room, their room, and even the damn garage."

"Yikes. Hey, at least we're starting our gym program next week, right? No more backing out, i'll kill you."

"Yeah yeah. Don't worry, I got all of my gym clothes ready. We gon' burn these babies up", she said while rubbing her flabs. "How 'bout you? What have you been doing?"

"Well... I met someone new, I guess?"

"YOU FLIRTY biatch!", she yelled. The couple beside us looked at her. Thea gave them 'the look' and they immediately went back to their conversation. Another thing in common with us is that we sort of have... a resting bitch face. It's like, to us we just have a blank stare, but to other people they might think that we're already planning a grave and imminent evil act against them. Sometimes its nice to have one, but at the same time, it's an obstacle at making new friends.

"DUDE I just met him! Ew! Besides they are our family friends."

"Reaaaally, well enough of my boring summer. Spill. Everything that happened", Thea moved her chair closer to me, and I started filling her up with all the details.

"Wait, you learned how to shoot a gun?! That is so unfair! While here I am, learning how to clean a toilet!"

"Yeah, my Uncle prepped me, then when I was ready, he just left me with Jeff."

Thea gave me a huge irritating grin. I knew what she meant.

"I think he wasn't in his best mood then, so I just started finding a way to cheer him up. He loosened up a little and punched my softly on the shoulder. Good thing though, it was really awkwaaaard."

"Shoulder brush, boom.", she said after sipping from her cup of Hazelnut Macchiato.


"He just gave you the shoulder brush! He was marking you, girl." She moved her arm over my head, pointing her finger down at me, "You know like, 'this one's mine!' He's marking you with that touch of affection. Look at you, turning 16, and you already got yourself some man meat for the summer."

"Dude, what the hell? Ew. You have been reading too many romance novels", I said to her, "it's not good for your health. And he's 16 years old, probably turning 17 in a few months."

"So? Does he look good?"

"Yeah? I guess."

"YIIIIIIEEEE! I love it! But.... wait, how about Zander?"

"Oh don't you worry, girl. I ain't giving him up so soon. I still like him more. And Geez louise, I only met Jeff a week ago. And if my dad finds out, he is literally going to kill me, and start finding ways for us to not see each other. He's a monster when it comes to dating."

"That's a little weird though, you told me your Dad and Uncle Joe were already friends for a long time, and it's only now that he introduced you to his wife, daughter, baby boy, and his charming young lad?"

"I don't know, maybe it's the right time?"

"The right time? 'After several years' is the right time?"

"I don't know okay? And I don't care." Actually I did, was it really weird? 

"Oh well, at least you got yourself some man meat!"

"STOP CALLING HIM MAN MEAT! That's disgusting", I said with my 'throwing up' look.

"Okaaaay, okay." 

I was still thinking about what Thea said. Dad and Uncle Joe have been talking a lot lately, including last Sunday, and not to mention their pretty serious discussion when Jeff and I were shooting. But come on, if it was just business matters, what did the rest of Uncle Joe's family and our family have to do with it?

"Hey come on, Leena. Let's submurge ourselves with other scrumptious food in this mall before we have to deal with our gym program."

"Damn right! LET'S DO THIS!"

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