Such A Silly Game We Play

Leena is one of those goody-goody teenage girls who is obedient to her parents, maintains high grades in school, has an average social life, and zero night life. Even more, she's the usual shy-type, terrible at making new friends, and even more terrible when it comes to oh-so-cheesy relationships, which was surprisingly coming her way now.

With so many things on the line that could go wrong if she ever followed what she truly wants, will she ever have the guts to let it all out? Would the guy do the same? Or, would both of them just sit down and wait until some miracle happens?


23. End That Crap


Jeff's Point of View



"Bro, where you've been?! Cut third period again?" I'm sitting alone on one of the cafeteria tables near the windows with two trays in front of me, both with a plate of salad and a bowl of soup. It was snowing now, so it's really cold. I heard a voice from behind me, I looked back and saw John, who was holding a Subway sub on his right hand and a Diet Coke on the left.


"Nah, History dude let us out early. How 'bout you?"


"Cut third period," he said with a huge smile on his face, '"Oh.... bro, you didn't have to buy me lunch! But... next time though, it wouldn't hurt to be a nice meal of mac and cheese or something, okay? I'm not a goat."


"In your face man! THAT is not yours. It's Caroline's."


He looked disappointed. "Oh man, not again! Seriously!"


"Dude, what is your problem with Caroline?!" I said with a stern voice.


"YOU KNOW what, okay?! And I bet you feel the same way. I don't know why you wouldn't just end this shit, or whatever it is you guys have." 


"HEY! Dude, I didn't tell you what to do when you had that crappy relationship with your girlfriend!"


He was quiet for a moment. "You're right man," he said looking apologetic but then his face went serious again, "that's because I wasn't too blind to see how horrible things were going and wasn't too chicken to end it!" He took another bite of his sandwich in a very angry manner, drank his Coke until he finished it, and slammed it on top of the table.


I was about to answer back, but then I saw Aries walking towards us.


"So sweet man! Saved a table at  a nice spot for us!" Aries said as he sat down beside John and took a bite of his sub and moved towards the bowl of soup. I slapped his hand.


"THAT is not yours! Don't touch it!"


"Uh-oh, he's being defensive," Aries looked around giving off his scared look, "she's coming isn't she?!"

Both of them laughed, but I didn't.


"I was just talking to our pal here what we've been proposing for him to do these past few months! But, still a NO," John said.


I rolled my eyes. "Oh, just give me a break." This topic came up everyday, and honestly, I am so sick and tired of hearing it. Though I know they were just being honest, but man, give me a break. I know they're mad at me for skipping basketball practice and Friday hang outs with them, but I kind of felt sorry for Caroline since I didn't spend much time with her during the summer, especially when we moved to the apartment. But since we have school now, our parents let Leena and I to just stay at home and not come with them to meet other people. It's been a while since Leena and I hung out together, talking and asking out-of-the-world questions about ourselves. Now, we just waved and said 'Hi' whenever we saw each other outside of our house, heading to our different schools. Our school was at the main city, while theirs were closer to the neighborhood. I miss talking to her, actually. It's kind of ironic though, you feel so far away from someone even though you just live right across their house.


"Fine," Aries said while taking another bite of the sandwich and talking with his mouth full, "we'll cut you some slack now, since she's here already." He motioned towards the cafeteria door which was now covered with freshmen and sophomore students. Then, I saw Caroline walking towards us wearing a tight-fitted skirt and a Lacoste polo. "But, come on man. Honestly, we're just waiting for the day you'd decide to end that crap."


"End what crap?!" Caroline said looking fierce and grumpy standing behind the boys. They all stood up immediately when they saw her.


"...... end eating THAT crap," Aries motioned towards the salad in front of Caroline.


"Well, this crap is better than eating the crap you boys are eating," Caroline said while pointing at the Subway sub. "Anyhow, I know what you guys are talking about. Jeff came clean, explained everything," Caroline stood up and sat beside me and held my arm, "I know what happened to him during his awful summer, and maybe I could live with that somehow, and I know his dad's friend that's been helping them, blah-blah, and his new little friend." Wait a minute, what? She can live with it? And my new little friend?


I was about to say something back at her, but I really was not in the mood to fight, especially since the guys are here, so I just stayed quiet while my oh-so-amazing girlfriend summarized my whole summer experience to my friends even though she was the only one who wasn't with us the whole summer.


The guys were quiet until John answered back, "I don't know 'bout you, but we had an amazing time during the summer. Come on, let's sit over there," he pointed towards the empty table about 4 tables behind us, "Bro, talk to you later, okay?"


"Okay," I said and nodded. I wasn't mad at him, and he knew that of course. This wasn't the first time he gave me his honest opinion. I faced Caroline who was just staring at me.


"Let's eat," I said while taking a bite of the greens. I'm not really a fan of eating salads, but, that's what she wanted so I just ordered the same.


"My soup is cold... can we swap?" Caroline said while playing with the mushroom soup.


I didn't know what the science between this was, since I just ordered our meals at the same time, so mine was cold too. But whatever, I gave her mine.


"Here you go." I slide my bowl towards her and grabbed her's. 





John's Point of View


We moved 4 tables back, just to stay away from her. I took a seat and Aries sat on the opposite side, like we were having a man-to-man date. Ha!


"Can you believe that rich chick?! Did you hear what she just said?! That she could 'live with it SOMEHOW'?", I said while taking my Subway sub from Aries' hands. But when I grabbed it, I realized it was only the wrapper left. "...WHAT THE?! DUDE! Buy your own food!"


"Naaah, come on man. The line's too long now, see?" He pointed towards the cashier. It was long. But it didn't mean he could finish my sandwich. "Besides, real friends finish your food! ... So back to what we're talking about; Did she just say AWFUL SUMMER?"


"Probably thought it was awful because Jeff wasn't with his girl every hour of every day. Besides, Jeff told me that he wouldn't tell Caroline why they really moved. He just improvised."


"Why wouldn't he just tell her?", Aries said looking clueless as ever.

"DUH, you know Caroline?! I've told you about her family and herself, right? Typical rich family clans stuff."

"Ooooh, I see," Aries kept quiet for a minute. He looked like he was struggling keeping up with these information, "What did Jeff see in her before?"

"Well, she is in fact... pretty and hot. But... you know, she's...," I struggled as I searched for the right word.

"Irritating? Spoiled? High-maintenance? Girly?" Aries suggested.

"Yeah, whatever. I just can't wait when he'll finally speak up and break up with her."

"You are really rooting for him and Leena, huh? Why though?"

"Come on man, are you that blind?!", Aries gave a completely confused look. Looks like he is NOT good at this at all.  "You've seen them when they talk to each other! Clearly they like each other! Just too chicken to say it."

"Ooooh. Yeah, yeah."

"Plus..., DON'T TELL THIS TO ANYONE NOT EVEN JEFF, but I heard my sister talking to her when she came over to our house one time." Aries' eyes widened and moved closer to me so he could clearly understand what I was going to whisper. "Leena likes him too, and Thea is just like us you know, forcing her to say it. But I think they don't know anything about Caroline. Weird though, one time my sister talked to me while I was laughing while texting, asking if I was seeing some other girl now. I said No, but she kept insisting that I had one, then asked if you and Zander had a girlfriend. After that, she asked Jeff if he had a girlfriend too..."


"Ughh, what is it with girls and gossip! What did you say?"


"I didn't say anything. I just threw her a pillow so she'd quit asking me questions. Besides, I didn't know what to answer. Somehow I didn't them to know that he has a girlfriend. I'm awesome though, Jeff's been with her for almost 2 years, and Thea didn't even suspect a thing. Loser. I thought girls were good at spying boys." We both laughed. "OH! And my sister likes Zander, in case you still didn't know. Damn."


Aries' eyes widened again. "DUDE! Seriously?! Does Zander know?"


"Of course not! Besides I wouldn't tell him that. I hate my sister bugging and annoying me. But I'm not that bad, I wouldn't say that. And it would be awkward every time Zander's at our house."


"Ahhh, the protective type. I get it," Aries smiled at me. A very annoying smile actually. "It's been a while since we hung out with the girls, huh?"


"Yeah. Stupid school. Summer was great!"


"I bet their busy perfecting their exams and keeping their straight A's, huh? Smart chicks."


"Oh god, do not call my sister a chick. BLEH. But yeah, projects and stuff, that's why Leena was over at our house about last week, that's when I heard them talking. Thea probably didn't notice that I was home early."


"Yeahhh....," Aries said which sounded like he didn't want to talk about this topic anymore. "You know what man? With the conversation we're having right now, I feel like we're girls already talking about crappy love and their emotional relationships. We should stop now, it'll lower our rating here," he said sarcastically, but yes I think we've said too much now.


"Yeah I guess. It was fun though," we both stared at each other, then laughed our pants off up to the point were people around looked at us. "Kinda tiring talking about this stuff. Is this what girls talk about all the time, bro?"


"I don't wanna know man. Let's just go," Aries stood up immediately.


We stood up, bought another sandwich, and walked towards the exit since the cafeteria was starting to get a little too crowded. I looked back before exiting and saw that Jeff and Caroline  was still sitting there. Caroline was blabbing and laughing about something, and Jeff was just smiling at her.


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